Monday, July 25, 2011

Jumped by a White Woman

Man talk about a crazy story. So I saw Elder Ferrin there at the temple and then all of a sudden a white lady comes up to me and sees my name badge and then tells me that she is going to hug me and that I can’t say no!!! I got jumped by my first white person in the mission. After she explained who she was and that she put my debit card in the mission office, I was OK. (It was Elder Ferrin's mom who had come down to pick him up after his mission.) At the temple I saw a ton of people that I knew!!!! Like just about from every ward that I had been in- even from Apaneca!

Man Taco Time still isn’t done!?!?! You guys need to really get on someone’s case or something because man it’s got to be up when I get back. Where are mom and I going to go to talk about my mission????

OHHHH!!! So Megan is one of those popular kids in the school who all the guys want to date. Now it all makes sense!! But just make sure that she gets their older sisters’ names and numbers so that when I get back I can contact them.. hahaha

Man that really surprised me when i found that out about Malory!!!!!! Man I can’t believe that she thought about being married at 18. Here, that isn’t anything weird. But here they don’t get married; they just live together and then if they have money they get married, if no, then they just have kids... It’s like a past time here. (Haha - that was a bad joke.) No one under the age of 18 can read my letter.. =P But at least she called it all off. I remember before the mission I went to hang out with them a lot. (haha)

Well a little about my area and all that. My comp is Elder Alonzo; he is from Guatemala and he is kind of serious. That’s not too good, but he is a great teacher and a hard worker. He is short and moreno. (I don’t know how to explain that in English. ¿brown? I don’t know.) But my area is pretty close to the beach - like 30 minutes. There are elders in my zone, like Elder Fox, who actually are at the beach. So I’m hoping to do divisions with them one day so that I can see it and take pictures... hahahah Well the members here actually love us because the missionaries have always been good to them here. So hopefully I won’t lose too much weight. My area is Las Delicias. (haha) But we have planned this Saturday 2 baptisms. Pray that they will all go well.

Well I love this area, my calling, the church. When I’m working it all goes by in a flash. I just hope that I enjoy it like I need to. I want it to be a life changing experience for me. And maybe learn to speak Spanish on the way.

HAHAHA - so you’re going to eat lunch with some of the missionary moms.. Well there is one Elder Hossman in the mission, and he is the assistant to the president. Lol - that’s so funny all the things that show up because of the mission.

Plus everyone is coming home!? That’s super crazy.... hahaha I hear Graydon came home for surgery or something. (That’s what Tate said.)

Well luckily I still have a year in the mission. I still have some goals that I haven’t accomplished. I’m praying that I do them. The mission is the perfect way to teach a young man to love. If anything I’m learning to love people - no matter who they are or what they say about me.

Well I love and miss you all. You all individually have taught me something to prepare me for my mission, and I’m thankful for you.

Solo para que sepan, mi español esta mejorando mas que todo con un compañero latino. Y ahora estoy leyiendo todo en español, a veces es mas facil a entender. Jajaj

Les amo!!

Elder Sutton

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