Monday, September 19, 2011

American Barbeque

Bueno, So I just want to say, “Megan (yet again) wins the injury of the week award!!!!!” I showed some of the guys here your black eye picture and they thought it was quite the good one. It looks like someone got a little too excited playing soccer... Speaking of which, I played soccer today. So as a zone we planned to make an American barbeque thing with hot dogs and hamburgers and then while they were cooking we played soccer and not to brag...... hahaha...... but I made quite a few goals. I think my team won. We didn't keep score but we did really well!!!! Even the hamburgers turned out good. But most of all, we got to run around for a little. =P

Well also this is for Bryant!!!! I met someone that knew him named Delmi... but she told me to say hi to him. She is a young girl like 15 or so but maybe she was in his area.

OHHH so the packages!!! Yeah I did get the package from grandma - with chocolate chips and the gummy rings!! I kind of went out of control and ate just about everything in 3 days but man were they so good. I´m still rationing the chocolate chips and making my famous chocolate chip pancakes!!! But man they are sooooooo good.

I think it should be story time right now.... Well I don’t know what to tell you. Okay so like in the mission every once in a while we do interchanges with the other missionaries for various reasons, like to do baptismal interviews, teach the elders how to work better or be taught and sometimes just to see how their area is going... So I went with Elder Reed this week, and man did we laugh our heads off. That day was a terrible day... like no matter what we did nothing worked out, like we went to all the lessons that they had planned and nothing worked. So we ended up knocking on doors all day and even the members were busy, so it was us against the world but the funny parts were at night and afternoon. So the only Latin person in our house was Elder Lopez and man he is super hilarious. What we did was we put on the national anthem of the USA and full blast to wake him up and then periodically during the morning and when it would come on the iPod we would sing it at the top of our lungs. Elder Lopez would just get up and leave the room. We could all tell he was just trying not to laugh & be serious at the same time - Elder Wilcox, Elder Reed and I. Then poor Elder Lopez, he actually knew my companion before the mission.

Well apart from that, we had a sweet movie night last night. We watched the life of Pres. Monson with some people from the ward; not a whole ton came but man that movie is super awesome. We´ll watch it when we get back, but maybe not in Spanish..... =P

Well right now I need as many prayers as ever from you guys. First of all, we are going to a new part of our area called El Jobo.. (haha like hobo) but we found some families there and a girl named Rosa who needs your prayers and then family Sanchez. Alcohol and all that junk are not helping stuff out. But I need your prayers for them.... Love you and thank you. =)

But really I think that I might buy me some jerseys because man they are sooo cool here. I think that I’m slowly turning Latin but that’s alright. I like lots of new stuff now. Maybe I’ll even watch the funny soap operas on the TV in Spanish when I get back because here that’s the big huge thing. BUT I saw Grey’s Anatomy though!! - “lol” that’s for you mom. =)

So I’m outa here….

Elder Sutton

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