Monday, September 26, 2011

"Sickly" Companion

Well the thing is that I have come a long way. I can definitely see a big difference between before the mission and right now. I´m hoping that you all will see it too. But we won’t know until we can really talk face to face in like 10 months.. (hahah - that’s crazy).

But I’ll tell you about how crazy this week was actually... Sooooo - let’s start at like 2 am on Friday.... So I woke up to my comp (Elder Tamayo because we did interchanges) and he said that he felt a huge pain in his side and he was yelling and moving around kind of destroying my room. So I gave him a blessing and he told me to go back to bed and that he would just wait until it went away. But I decided that I shouldn´t wait but to like call the nurse. But at this time it’s like 2:30 in the morning... (hahah) so I called 3 times and finally the nurse answered!!! After some really funny stuff which included poking him and getting him on his toes and falling to his heals, she told me we needed to go to San Salvador (like 2 hours away) to a hospital and that it was his appendix!!!! (hahah) So at this time, the crazy calls started… There was like 8 calls in 2 minutes - from President Cordon (who was in Belize), from our bishop, from the assistant and the nurse, etc. Man was that insane! After almost an eternity the assistant got there and we started the drive to the hospital which also took what seemed like a year. But the good news was when we got there, they took about 15 minutes of exams and then said "yep, we´re going to take his appendix out"... hahah… so at this point it was like 4:30 in the morning. I went upstairs with him to the operating room and waited until he got out..... So actually I had fallen asleep for about 20 minutes when the doctor came out with a little pot in his hand and something that looked like a big worm... It was his appendix and it was 3 times as big as it should have been.... man that was gross...

But everything went well on the surgery and so my job at this time was just to sit with him in the room and do nothing until the next day.. I sat there reading (but you can only do that for so long) We had a huge big screen TV there that we couldn´t watch. Then we had hot water (the best news I’ve ever had in my life...) So all I did was I took 5 showers and then drank water.... Man that was the longest day of my life.... (hahaha) But I got back here in Sonsonate at like 8 pm on Saturday.... I crashed until the next day... THE END

Well I’m going to write great grandma a letter soon. So you can tell her all about that story. =) But like always, I have go. I love you all!!!

(I´m sorry if my English doesn´t make much sense.)

Love you all,

Elder Sutton

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