Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pizza as I Know It :D

(Haha) Man, dutch oven food...... cobbler and chicken... man if you could only see me right now; I’m drooling.. I think that the people here could use a few classes from you, dad, about how to make some new food because they are super good at making beans and rice but when you branch out from that, they really struggle... hahaha

Wow the Box Elder team is doing well in football!!!!!! That is like a first in years!!! But of course the girls’ soccer team is doing great!! They have always done well because Megan was playing for them. The sad thing is that I’m not going to get to see many of your games (or any I don´t think... Dangit..) But I chose to be here - so I’m still happy =)

Mom got a new calling??!! That’s awesome!!!! I wonder how that’s all going for her? What exactly do you do mom?! Do you have to get on computers and stuff or is it all just paper work? Like I know that you have always been good with secretary stuff. =)

1. Is there a mafia like group in El Salvador? What about gangs?

Haha - well actually just gang like things.. In all parts, the problem here is that when people are poor and don´t have food, they look for any way of getting food so most of the guys get in gangs just to be able to eat. So that’s another downside of the poverty…. but the people here are still awesome. =P (hahah)

2. Do you ever eat American food?

Well the closest to American food that I get is pizza. Then sometimes we eat like pieces of meat with like salsa on it. It kind of reminds me of American food. But they have some regular drinks here like I’ve seen mt. dew and dr. pepper but they are 80 cents a can. =D (cool huh?) I don´t know if that’s good or bad..... I’m kind of figuring out how expensive stuff is here. There motto here is "if you don´t have money, fill yourself with tortillas and rice.." =D

3. Did your Mission President ever tell you thanks for the singing performance?

Well the problem was that no one but the elders said anything about my performance.... Like not even the president said anything to me about it. I sure hope that I didn´t do bad... But from what I could tell it went well. They were really hard to work with because not all of them saw eye to eye with me but in the end, they had to listen to me because I was the leader.. =) I kind of was like a dictator. =P

4. How are your clothes holding out? Do you need anything?

Well my clothes are going really good. My shirts are slowly changing colors like a chameleon, but its part of the fun experience - right. And my shoes are slowly dying but the good news is that they have shoe people here that can fix them up. I’ve done it like twice now. Until my shoes literally fall apart, I’m going to keep sending them to this guy. =P Well apart from that, I think my clothes work. It’s because we didn´t buy the cheap stuff! We bought the stuff that would last! I´m convinced that that’s why! My socks, though, kind of want to die. But that’s from all the walking (hahahah)

5. Did you eat something good on your last P Day?

My last p-day I ate pizza actually!!! And it was sooooooooo good. I’m sure that it wasn´t good according to your standards, but for me it was the best thing ever known to man since duct tape... hahah

But hey man, I’m loving the mission. Don´t take all this as that I don´t love the people, mission, etc. I really love everything here. It’s soooo hard but that’s why I love it. We have good days, bad days, worse days but you don´t remember the bad. When I look back at my mission, I can see the last year and if I think, yeah I’ve had bad days - but I can´t remember the details of them. But the best things I can describe to you in full color.

Love you all!!

Elder Sutton

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  1. Yay! Sounds like he's doing pretty good. Keep up the good work Elder Sutton! We love you! :)