Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Love Where I Am

Man, so I’m not even joking when I say that I forgot what cold is. The only time I experience cold is in the mornings when I have to get my bowl of water and shower myself with that. The first time I throw water on my back, it’s definitely a shocker but I’m pretty sure that it’s warm water I’m just sooo used to being hot every day that I would die if I had to go back in December.. But the good thing is I’ll come back in the beginning of August so it’ll still be warm and I can gradually get used to the cold. =P

Question/Answer: So don’t you have an actual shower? Do you have to do pan baths or is there a nozzle that comes out of the wall?

Well we have like a little tub and a faucet that comes out of the wall, and then you get your bowl and have to pour it over your body. =P Kind of a weird experience but I’ve been doing it for like 3 months now... hahah

It sounds like Megan is doing amazing! Geeze - I wish I was there to see. But maybe my family will be loving enough to take photos or videos of it??=?!!!!!! But if they win, that would be the best news in Box Elder in a long time! So what position does Megan play again? Mid-field? I kind of am a ditzy bro and I forgot.

Well so here is the deal... I actually am still with elder Alonzo but they called us last night and told us that he has changes and so that I’ll be getting my new companion on Wed. Maybe if I’m lucky, tomorrow they will tell me who he is. But I’m really just content because: 1. I love this area and we work so hard; 2. I have a family that really supports me and gives me so much... and 3. I’m here learning what I need to so that I can be a better person... Really the mission has taught me more about myself and working then I thought could be possible. When I thought about the mission I thought, "hey that sounds like an adventure!!!!!" But little did I know how much it really is. Walking in the rain, we had a rain storm that the water reached up to the knees of the people here and my shins... and knocking lots of doors, trying to turn on my gringo charm so that they let us in their house. =P Convincing people that really God loves them and that they need to keep the commandments of God to be able to return to His presence after we die.

Well we did do an activity this week and if I do say so myself we had quite the success.. What my comp said was that he wanted to break a piñata, so we used that idea and transformed it into an activity with water balloon volleyball and all that. We had a number of investigators come and participate. It was really awesome... Also, I don’t know if you remember a mother and daughter that I baptized a while ago, Leticia and Fatima, but they are really awesome this week they started talking to some organizations. After a while they got a hold of some wheel chairs to donate to people here in the community. So what we are going to do is invite the people to come and then after we are going to teach them in their house - an awesome way to get references. Also they got us some baptismal pants and a pair of church pants for my comp and I. They are really great.

Well I don’t know if you have any more questions? But I think I’m going to send ya’ll my letter. =)

Love, Elder Sutton

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