Monday, October 3, 2011

Immigration + Wendy's = Happiness

Well Family just so that you know, nothing really as exciting as last week has happened. Actually, during this week my companion has been complaining about pains in his side too; I highly doubt that it’s anything but if it is he will be the 3rd consecutive missionary that has had appendicitis in that same bed!!!! HAHAHA crazy huh?

But also I did remember the birthdays of the Ken Sutton and especially Megan, my not so little sister... Dangit - will someone just tell the world not to move anymore! I still remember when she was growing up and had the really crooked front teeth! I remember how excited she was to get braces; how she would go and play bunch ball in basketball and soccer....Where in the crap has that little girl gone? Just so you know, I’m not so happy with you right now Megan =(...... But…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

But yeah I actually listened to conference in English this time. They set up a whole room for us to listen in English so I just decided what the hey, I’m going to listen in English. Just so you know we did keep our tradition of buying treats and drinks to have while they talked. But I don’t know, I felt like the conference went like 20 minutes... someone needs to tell the people to speak longer.. I guess I’ll have to wait until April. (My last conference here......)

hahah – Ronald Beltran!! If I’m not mistaken, he is from my first area and he is going back to Uruguay to finish his mission. He had to come home for a while (I don’t know why) and now he is going to finish!!!! That’s super awesome!!! I’m really excited for him.. =) (I had asked Derek what Ronald’s post said on his facebook: “el 10 de octubre me voy para la mission asi que no voy a estar por un rato!!”)

But hey I got another surprise package from mom this week!!! I got the coolest stuff inside including some really really really needed shoe insoles. Like my feet were hurting really bad so I threw them into my Eccos and now I’m feelin’ good. =)

Well I think it’s like story time or something now.. But I’m not so quite sure what to tell you guys. Well here is a baby story I can tell you. So last Tuesday we went to San Salvador to fix our immigration because I just barely completed one year in the country. Supposedly we have to do that every year. But we were there for quite some time and that’s not the best part. Afterwards we went and got in a taxi to go to the bus stop. And at that point I thought fast and asked the guy to take us to Wendy’s.... and the best news is we ate Wendy’s!!!!! I bought a double baconator... (It’s so hilarious to hear people say that in a Spanish accent.) Elder Reed and I ate that on the bus ride to our area. It was the best feeling of full I’ve had in a long time... We decided that we are so tall in the states because we get our proteins from real meat and not beans... hahah

I don’t know what else to really say... =( I love you all and honestly I pray for you every day.

I also thank you for helping me go on the mission :I I hope that these two years can be something I treasure for the rest of my life.

Elder Sutton

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