Monday, October 17, 2011

Mini Flood

Well now that was something new seeing a picture of Megan in a dress with a new guy.. Someone needs to keep that girl on a leash because man, she is getting older and older. hahah =P Don´t worry, we all love Megan right? But man that really was a shocker to see her there in a dress and all that..... =/

Well my new comp is Elder Diaz!! He is from Panama. But this guy is super cool. I´m going to have so much fun with him – I am already. I've been with him less than a week but already things are going great. If all works out well and God blesses us we´ll baptize 2 families this next coming week. My comp used to be in Santa Ana in the old area I was in. It’s called Paraiso. He loves the Book of Mormon and he says it’s his life, food and his wife. =) But he is funny and I’m working on the pictures but today I didn't bring my camera..

Well it’s been raining a whole 7 days straight here. I believe it’s a tropical storm or something. Like all the rivers here have risen and people’s houses are falling apart. The problem is that they don´t make their bases of their house correctly! They just throw down cement on the earth, and so when it rains it washes everything away!!! But definitely everything I own is wet - all my shirts, shoes, etc. I’ve actually used my boots the most now! They work really well - thank you Bryant slash mom. =) But yeah the only way to have dry clothes is if I put a fan on them all night. The problem with that is that the light bill goes up like a crazy man.

But hey, what’s up with the family singing for the general authorities?? (Megan’s madrigal group is singing for the Pres. Monson the week after Thanksgiving.) I think it’s just a requirement to live in our house huh? So now only Amanda needs to sing for them. Wait, I think she already has right?

But what’s up with the losing streak that’s going on in Brigham City? Man, we need to change that – ASAP. I know that they can do it because they are the SUTTON FAMILY!!!!

Well actually I wasn't aware of Mimi Rex going on a mission? That’s some new information that I would have liked to know! But now that I know, it’s all good. But it’s not the same mission as Chris Darais, right? I know some elders here from California. They are usually really tall - taller than me. I wish I was tall like dad. Dangit..... =(

But Right now I don´t have any stories to tell you guys other then I’m pretty sure this is going to be the second mini flood in Central America. But you gotta love it. I´m actually cold here and I wore my sweat shirt sleeping a couple nights in a row. (hahaha) I think it was like 70’s or something – hahah. But yeah I love the rain and I love being wet. Let’s just hope that I don´t get sick. =D

LOVE Y´All!!!!

Elder Sutton

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