Monday, October 24, 2011

Snow in Heaven?

Well like you guys know I have been cut down really short on my writing time due to some changes in the mission by President Cordon so I don’t have much time to write you guys this week.

I have to send presidnte a report on some things in my area so I will just have to answer your questions really fast... I know that all my fans (mom included) are going to be really mad this week... =(

1 – How is the flooding situation coming along?

Well the thing with the flood, it only lasted 9 days so now it’s over and there is the scorching hot sun again. My comp is loving it because he is from a really hot country too. He talks about how it isn´t a Christmas without sun and I tell him that it isn´t Christmas without snow and then we get debating as to if there is snow in heaven. I´m sure there is. =P hahahah

2 – Did you buy yourself a new backpack yet?

That’s on my to-do-list today actually. I´m going to go look for the bargains and then the best because if I buy a bad backpack it won’t last long enough and then I’ll just end up buying another one in a few months again. So I’m going to do like my mom taught me and buy intelligently!!!

3 – What kind of things do you do on p-day now that everything is so so so wet? (Megan’s question)

That’s the thing... when it’s wet we don’t do anything. We’re Just inside the house and when we leave we run from building to building to try and not get any more wet then necessary.. Maybe we go to a little restaurant and eat inside. That’s about the only things that I can do when it’s raining…. but now it’s not!!!!!!!

4 – Kevin Tyler is home on leave and said he has written you 2-3 times & you haven’t written back…. Is he up in the night?

That would be a huge lie because I haven´t gotten anything from anyone over there. I thought that kid just fell off the face of the planet. Make sure that he is sending them to the right address. I want to talk to him and I can get the permission necessary.

5 – How was the baptism? Did it happen? What were the details?

Not yet but this weekend we´re planning on it... ahhh the time..

6 – Tell us about your new companion… he’s from Panama - yes, short?, speaks English?, his family?, how long has he been out?, you get along?, etc.

Well he is short and brown and he definitely is learning how to speak English with me but as of right now he cannot. But he has like 20 months in the mission so he is on the downhill, but he is a really hard worker. He has like 4 brothers and sisters and parents that are all members of the church and they are really great from what I hear. I think that he is the 3rd youngest and has 1 bro and 2 sis.

AHHHH if you only knew the rush I was in...

I love you all and I promise next week will be better for us..


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