Monday, November 21, 2011


Goodness! Today I have like a billion things to say to you and such a short time- like in Alyson and Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland). Haha - I’m sure that I didn’t spell that correctly. Well the first thing I’ll tell you are the big huge news. So this week was changes in the mission and yesterday President Cordon called me in the night time and told me he is going to send me to BELIZE!!!!!! Man, this Tuesday I have to be in the office and have all my stuff ready. So I only have today to pack. The thing is that I’m going to be in the area Belize City. So I think that’s good. But the bad is that I have to leave my comp and this amazing area behind. Seriously we are going to have some awesome baptisms in this area this month and the problem is that someone in Belize needs my help. Whomever that is? But I have to be there for Christmas. That’s the problem too. It’s very inconvenient for me right now. But it’s what the Lord says

I need to do, so now I have to do it. Right? But man, I’m going to miss Elder Diaz. We had so much fun these last days. Then all the people that I’ve gotten to know here and the people that have been baptized. I’ll miss them a lot. Who knows maybe it’ll just be hotter in Belize. But at least they play basketball.

Well supposedly they are going to have a thanksgiving thing here, but I’m sadly going to be in Belize so I’m not so sure what’s going to happen there. Or for Christmas for that matter. Then the package that you sent me.... Lots of questions huh? BUT I can only take 2 suit cases there so I’m going to drop off my small one with a member here that I can trust. =)

1 – Any words of wisdom &/or thankfulness you want to pass along to your “readers” (tis the season - hahaha)?

Well things I’m thankful for. Man I could go on for hours, literally... Well the first thing I’d say would have to be my family. Like all that they had to do so that I could have all these opportunities in my life. Seeing the people here and they just dream of all the opportunities that I had daily in the USA. That and the knowledge of the gospel that I have. How what I’m teaching the people here is the best thing that they could find in their whole life. Not because it teaches them how to earn more money, or just to find more food, cars, but it teaches them that it’s possible to be a good person and keeping the commandments of God and then do more, be happy and content with whom I am. Learn how to progress spiritually then physically. I don’t know, I just wish I would have had this knowledge before my mission. Ha-ha

2 – Have you done any fun/interesting service activities lately?

Any activities lately... well really nothing. We have been eating pizza the Mondays but really not a whole lot. Um - we have been sweating a ton but that’s nothing new. (haha) Even in the night time you wake up and I’m still wet from sweating while I’m sleeping.

3 – The ward choir sang today in church. Have you ever vocally performed in a sacrament meeting? (That would be fun!)

Well kind of, I have sung as a group for the choir like as missionaries but that and only for Pres. Eyring. That’s it. I really do like singing because I’m like a super star here because I can keep a tone. But really I think that I could bring the family here and we could sing on the corner and we’d be millionaires. Hahaha I love the people here but that isn’t the blessing they have received - musical training. =)

4 – Have you had any good soccer games lately? What else do you do on p-days?

Lately we haven’t been playing soccer. We have had to go to Santa Ana a lot recently and we don’t have time in the mornings to invite all the kids to go and play. And when we do play they show up and no one has a ball. But I’m slowly getting better. I still think I could beat Megan. =P

Well it’s quite the exciting week this week. The next time I’ll be in Belize if all things work out. But man I’m sure that I’m going to have to drink even more water or just die. hahah Because it’s tons hotter there then it is here. I think that I need to brush up on my English. Play blow the dust off my Spanish scriptures. (?) Man it’s going to be quite the experience. =)

Wish me luck.

Love Elder Sutton

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