Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Few Infirmities?

Good day, family of mine, back in the hills of Utah!!!

It really has been a while since I've been able to talk to you guys!!! So that’s really funny that someone has been saying stuff like that to you guys. But you should tell me who is saying it so that I can beat them up! (haha) As you know, I kind of got sick in church or something.... Not a huge deal or anything - I was just sick due to quite a few infirmities. =) They all combined to make me really dehydrated and then after that I got light headed in church. I DIDN'T FAINT! I just got light headed or something but man everyone really kind of freaked out.

So on Monday when I got back from the doctor, I got to baptize 6 people - our investigators (the Sanchez family and the Esquivel family). It was quite the coming home party! I love it. But really you need to tell me who is this elder or sister is. The gossip flies faster than the internet... haha

Man it sounds like Megan is going to do what Tasha used to do, or something like that. I can see her having a blast though! Plus she will be getting an income so she can buy her favorite brother a sweeeeeet cell phone when he gets back from his mission!!!!!! =D

KEITH IS BACK! Man, I feel like he just barely got out there!!! You’ll have to tell me how his talk is going to be and all the stories. Like he served in Russia right? Sounds like a tough mission, but Keith is an amazing guy. I’m sure that he baptized all the world of Russia.

Kyle Smith and Miles Penrod!!! Man that’s so cool that they are going on the mission! I love hearing people talk in Portuguese because they sound like Spanish with rocks in their mouth. I can understand it; just a few words change. But it’s awesome that Miles is going state side. He’ll baptize like 9 million people.

Kathy’s birthday huh? No one invited me to go to the party and have fun on a birthday. How was it? Did you all have tons of fun? I hope she had a great birthday!


So I did just get a little sick and all that jazz but I’m better. I need to drink more fluids.... Maybe if you guys could send me a cool water bottle for Christmas or something!!!!

Well I’m happy and I've learned my lesson and I’m going to drink more fluids.. Don’t worry mom. Thanks for caring about me =)

Elder Sutton

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