Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enjoying Elder Rabanales (my comp)

Well not going to lie, I was expecting more from you on the writing department today. Now that President said we couldn't email from this account to anyone anymore I got 3 emails today! I definitely will have more time to write you guys. And maybe send my pictures that I copied on some DVD's. I don’t know; the computers are a little "sketchy" here so I’m kind of worried about viruses.....

A big THANK YOU to grandma & grandpa and Holly for the Christmas money!!! :) I’m going to use it wisely…

But yeah, I think the temperatures are going to start to climb here soon. For example today, I’m feeling a lot hotter than usual. But they tell us that this is winter here in Belize. I just don't want to see what it’s like here in the summer!!

So some interesting things here in Belize:

1. They have some amazing little things called cold cups.. They are just like they sound - little plastic cups with frozen juice and stuff in them but they are like 12 cents. So we have become a fan, Elder Rabanales and I. (like my grammar at the end????)

2. Well yesterday I ate some Lebanese Food... Man that was AMAZING! It’s kind of pricy for here like $6 Americans. But man, it was good like jicama and these amazing tortillas and all that jazz.

3. My companion & I broke down and bought some ice cream the other day. Man we were in heaven that day.

4. There are some senior missionary couples here in Belize - Elder and Sister Pattee. The awesome thing is that we had a family home evening yesterday with a new family we found, but I found out some awesome info about them. They served a previous mission in Ukraine! I don't remember where exactly but maybe Eric will know them. =)


1 – Have you heard when Pres. & Sis Cordon will be traveling there for your little party? (I hope they will be delivering your package at that time…)

Well they are going to come here around the 20th and the coolest part is that I think that they are going to be here for a few days. Like they are bringing their whole family here and then have a Belizean Christmas! (which is very similar to the ones we have in the USA....)

2 – Have you been checking on the possibility of SKYPING again for Christmas? (Less than 2 weeks until our call!!!!!)

Well I defiantly want to use Skype and talk to you guys again and I’m pretty sure that Elder Rabanales wants to also; we would just need to find a computer for the holiday. Maybe if we go to the distribution center or something? We'll have to figure that little detail out first huh?

3 – How’s the bike riding? Have you forgotten how & is traffic much of a problem?

Well let’s just say bike riding uses a whole lot of different muscles then walking. For the first week my knees were hurting me and my legs just because they are completely different, and I was so used to walking everywhere! There are a lot of cars here in the city though. Definitely there is like a "rush Hour" here also. But because we are on our bikes we can weave in and out of the traffic no problem. But the great news is that I haven't crashed on my bike yet. =)

4 – What is the main source of income (jobs) in Belize?

Well I definitely would say that tourism is a huge profession here. Then there are like fishermen and then like construction and all that. But tourism is huge! Apart from that, there are just random jobs like we are teaching a police man, a construction guy, one guy that fixes printers and scanners.....

There is an island (San Pedro) here where all the tourists go too. We have some missionaries there and they say that there are constantly people there on trips and vacations and all that jazz.

5 – Do you have a cook & a person to wash for you in Belize?

Well we have a wash lady. Usually we just eat at like a little restaurant here for lunch for a few dollars. The wash lady really is an amazing lady! BUT a lot of people here have washing machines. It’s not like in El Salvador where everyone does it by hand. But sadly we do sometimes wash a few shirts here and there. I tried not to bring much from El Salvador here so that it wouldn't be a hassle.

Well I'm definitely really enjoying myself here in Belize with Elder Rabanales. He is really charismatic and loves to run around. We are trying to enjoy ourselves as much as possible here by doing the Lord's will. Sometimes it’s hard, don't get me wrong, but I know that everything will turn out amazing if I just do my part. We can't bite off more than we can chew, but I’m not going to spend the whole day eating.... So we're constantly pushing ourselves to become better. Plus, I got my hair cut by my first Belizean guy yesterday and it looks alright. (haha) I can't complain much.

They are actually doing an EFY thing here called SOY (strength of youth) so that is something really new here in Belize. The thing is that the missionaries have only been here for 30 years and man we're growing.

I love you a ton family and friends.

Sientanse libre a enviarme cartas a mi nuevo correo!!!!! (Please feel free to send me letters to my new mail address!!!!!)

Elder Sutton

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