Friday, December 30, 2011

Great Christmas in Belize

December 28, 2011

Well, let me tell you, my dear family! It was my last Christmas experience here on the mission! But that’s good and bad. As you know I’ve got mixed emotions about how much time that I’ve got..... =( The best part about today is that its Amanda’s birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I sure hope that you do something special for my favorite older sister. =) So today is a little groggy too. It’s been raining off and on all day long. Who knows why because in the morning it looked as clear as can be. "Red skies in the morning - sailors take warning, red skies at night - sailors delight". Right dad? hahah

Man, I’m sad to hear that grandma is having more troubles going around now. I remember how much she loved to go out and have fun in Mexico or wherever! I sure hope we can go with them one more time before they sell their time share thing in Mexico. But who knows what will happen - maybe if she feels better.

Well as you knew a little about my Christmas here it was full of fun and food! So all the weight that I had lost over these few weeks I think I got it all back in just one day! They have some awesome cake here - Black Cake. But you have to be careful because they love to just throw whisky on it to keep it looking nice and shiny. But definitely I ate turkey and chicken and all that.

Well I have some cool news. Today I’m going to San Pedro to work there with an elder and supposedly it’s going to be very beautiful there. My comp says it’s the most beautiful area in the mission; I guess we'll see. But the thing is on this island we have to go on an 1.5 hour boat to get there and then on the island they don't have cars. They just ride around in golf carts. Supposedly they have tons of Tourists and they even have their own power plant and everything. It’s just super expensive. So I’ll be sure to take some pictures of that one to show to you how it really is.

Well some investigators and some awesome stuff like that:

*Well there is the Smart family. They are really awesome (Wally and Katina). The only problem with them is that they need to get married. But I already feel like we're a part of their family. They have 5 kids all ranging from the ages 15 to 1 year old. They all love when we come over and read the Book of Mormon and are just amazing.

*We have a lady named Willa. She loves to giggle. The only problem with her is that her family is completely against her and don't like her to listen to us. She is like 50 something and she is a ball of fire. She loves to laugh - like I said.

*There is sister Pearl. She lives with her handicapped son who is like 20 something and she has been going to church for about a month now. She is just having some guy problems recently so we're working on that.

*We have the Cocoam family (Efrain and Dianna). They are awesome. We are great friends with Efrain. He is actually a tour guide here in Belize and he takes groups to ruins here and knows just about everything about the Myans (can't spell).

*We have some AMAZING recent converts here - GEORGE SANDER AND BENNY RUCKER. Man, they are way amazing. They have already blessed the sacrament and all that. I think I talked to you about them already but they are being great. The problem that George is having is his wife is sick right now, but it’s not too serious. And Benny is looking for his wife.

Well that’s just a few of the people that we're teaching. There are lots more but I’m getting tired of writing. (hahaha) I hope you all knew how much I loved my Christmas presents! I also loved talking to you. And I can't believe that you are doing all of that for your son.

I do really feel the love that you all show me and I hope that you’re having an amazing New Years which will come very soon. I think that it’s all going amazing for all of you. I even got my package from Grandma Sutton! Thank you so much for the candies and chocolate! I love you lots! All of you!

Feel free to write me a letter or two..... not trying to be greedy or anything...... hahah But I love to hear all the amazing things that you’re all doing with your lives. Keep it up.

Love you

Elder Sutton

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