Monday, December 19, 2011

Feliz Navidad

So my dearly beloved family and friends!!!!
Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas!
So definitely I’m feeling a lot more Christmas-y this year.  Also as you can see, I’m writing you all a day early this week because tomorrow we have our Christmas party with the Cordon Family.  The great news is that it’s going to be really awesome, but the bad news is that they haven't informed us at all what is going to happen with the call or anything like that...  But my companion is going to call President right now to ask and I’ll tell you later in my letter. =)  From what I know I’m thinking that we can find some machines to Skype but we just need to ask some favors of people.

Wow!  Really so much just happened last week that I can't believe it either. It looks like you were as busy as I was!  And mom winning that raffle thing????  Man!!!!  I'm going to send my sons and daughters on missions when I get older so that I can win cool stuff like that.. hahah But really mom must be really being good this year huh?  There actually is a family here that we were teaching off and on and recently the wife just won the Jackpot here and then the husband got promoted in his job, and they say it’s because we started to visit them..  We're sure that they are blessings from the Lord and they all of a sudden have become a lot more positive.  Really the whole culture here and the people are so different than those that I have met in the past; sometimes I just need to step back and breath. Some people are just so ready to hear the gospel that it surprises me. If all works out, then we have a wedding this Saturday!  Then later the family will be baptized.

It sounds like Megan is continuing in her race car life style. =)  She wouldn't be part of the Sutton family if she wasn't, right?  I can really remember how we all had to do our own running around growing up like Amanda and me and now its Megan’s turn.  Let’s just hope that she can handle it well.  And from what I'm hearing, she does. =)

But man!  Amanda is going to be a real teacher now??  (Only for 6 months??)  But that’s still way awesome!  Now she is the real deal huh?  I always pray for her and you all and it’s all turning out alright. =)  But that’s no problem for her to handle a few 6th graders.  We had some interesting kids at the PEAK and I’m sure what she has been doing recently has prepared her for this. The Lord prepares us for life.  Sometimes we just don't notice it.

Man, I’m feeling the love from all the family!  Grandmas, Holly, Kathy, the Dinsdales, everyone!  Wow!  I’m definitely going to buy me new scriptures because the other day it poured rain here and they got wet.... =(  They still work just are a little crinkled.... but not anymore!!  And this time I’m going to put them in bags every time I leave the house. Then maybe buy some little things here and there for my comp and I.  (Maybe shoes for me. =D)

I wish I could have seen Justin!  I actually have thought about him some on the mission and how he is doing.  Along with my other friends that DON"T WRITE ME!!! (haha)  How often does he come home?  Maybe next year I can see him?  And Grandpa is already making some plans for next year!  We better have a HUGE party because I’m going to be there. =P So Sarah Stanger is getting married?  Dangit; someone has to tell here sorry and that I’ll have to miss it... =(   I feel like the time is flying for me. There is so much to do here and so little time that usually the days just fly by so fast.  Plus my companion and I are doing pretty well here. This last Sunday, Benny Rucker and George Sanders (new converts) talked in sacrament meeting!!  They have been members for like 2 months and they both blessed the sacrament and talked!  They did it all that day!  It’s amazing to see them progressing!

Well this week on Saturday we had our branch Christmas party too.  We had a blast with all the people and 7 investigators showed up and ate good food - rice and beans, with chicken and potato salad and stuffing that was more like powder...  I think that’s what they eat here. But it’s all good. =)  But they started to dance.  EVERYONE. from the grandmas down to the 2 year olds.  They all are born with an amazing ability to dance!  But really music is something so special to the people here. It’s different then the Utah. They just feel it.  Like if we're out with a member and he hears music, he automatically starts to bob his head or starts swaying.. It’s just what they do here. I am the only ugly duckling here that can't dance. haha.

But as you can tell Christmas here is really different, but it still is about Mas-Christ... haha - I just came up with that one.... But this year Christmas means something different for me.  I just feel different about it. It good though.  I have a million great memories of Christmas time with the “Fam”, but I know that I’m making lasting memories here that will not only shape the present but the future.  I'm understanding what it means to have a better relationship with not only those around me but with Christ.  I hope that you can say the same thing about me like you said about Justin.  How great of a change it was for him.  If not, then I just basically wasted the past year and a half.  But don't worry; I feel different - I think different.

Mom, I love you and I know that you love me, even when I thought you didn't because we fought. I know that every little thing you had me do was because you knew that it was going to benefit me in the future. I know that you are a great example of a hard worker and how to not expect less of us as your children, but expect the best. You have helped shape me who I am now. I can be a man and a father because you taught me to be one. I love you mom.

Dad, really we were more of friends then anything.  I know that it was hard for me coming on the mission and being away but I believe deep down you know why, and it’s not just to serve the Lord.  ALL the great times we had, football, jr. jazz, basketball, lacrosse whatever it was - you were always there two feet in there with me. I should have done more what you wanted to do (fish, hunt, hike).  I know that you are a great example of sacrifice.  You, like mom, have worked all my life to give me the best.  Even down to my friends and x-box we did together. Don't worry, that won’t change. I love you dad.

Amanda, man you really are a superhero to me.  You are an example that really it’s possible to live our lives correctly.  Seriously I pushed myself in everything because you were first great in it (music, sports, friends).  You were my older sister.  Funny, happy and always smart. I regret not ever really hanging out with you before.  I know I got on your nerves at times but you taught me that it’s possible to push myself.  I love you Amanda.

Megan, don't think that I’m forgetting about you. =)  My little sister.  I know right now in your life you're defining who you are.  Friends, sports, school, everything.  You have a lot in you.  I wish I was right there to help you out with your final years in high school.  But really listen to mom and dad. They have lived it. They know. You have taught me that love is for everyone, even my little sister.  I remember when I would ask you to do something for me and all I had to do was hug you and I never wanted to do it.  You are a great sister Megan. I can see you doing so much.  Heavenly Father has blessed you with so much.  All you have to do is use him to the fullest.  I love you Megan.

Well I don't have time to write all my family and friends but know I really think about you.  All the way down to Sarah Dinsdale and Barbara and Roy and Kathy - I have thought of you all and include you in my prayers.
I hope that this year is as special for everyone as it is for me!

With lots of love
Elder Sutton

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