Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cruise Ships Look Cool

Well good afternoon my family and my friends!!!

It’s really cloudy and sprinkling here in Belize; I hear that it'll get even colder here too. But man last night I was soooo cold and I just had my fan on. I am definitely 100% going to die when I get back to the cold.

But the NBA has finally gotten an agreement too? Man I bet a lot of people are really happy including a lot of the Utah Jazz Fans (like Eric etc......) Someone will have to keep me updated on what’s going on. =P

Well this shout-out is for Graydon! You need to keep those lacrosse kids in shape! Put them through what we had to go through! I’m going to do the same when I get back. There are just a few things that I need to finish up here first. =) More people to find etc.

1 – Have you purchased new tennis shoes? (We have deposited $50 from your Grandma Carlene for you for Christmas as well as $50 from us so don’t wait – $40-$50 is pretty standard here.)

Well right now the thing is that I would love to buy me a new hymn book and maybe a new Quad.. I think that I’ll use my money for that and just find me some “ok” Tennis shoes until now. I think the scriptures are a little more important.... hahaha But thank you so much Grandma and mom/dad.

If anything I’m trying to have the best Christmas this year because it’s my last on the mission. And that doesn't just mean the best stuff to buy. Haha

2 – What type of currency do they use in Belize?

Well they use Belizean money. It’s like got the queen on it and all that because if you look into the history of Belize, they were once part of England (I believe) so they still have money like that. But they are not pounds. The money here is about 1-2 or 1 American to 2 Belizean, and if you look at the pound it’s the other way around.

3 – Have you seen lots of beautiful flowers & unusual plants in Belize? (Della & Barney have a customer who travels there half of the year and said they are gorgeous.)

Well actually to be honest I haven't paid attention to the plants much here. I'm kind of in the city but I have seen some beautiful water lilies. But I’ll pay special attention this week and try and take some awesome pictures of them. I can be a photographer too like you dad. =P

4 – Do you have luxuries like a micro-wave &/or regular oven or is your cooking still on a hot plate?

Sadly we don’t have a micro-wave and or an oven. We just have like a cooking plate. BUT the good news is that we got a new iron; last week ours was broken so we had to heat it up on our little stove thing and then hurry and iron.. It was quite funny. =D

5 – Have you eaten anything different in Belize? Is sea food still a no no?

Well they love eating chicken and rice and beans mixed with coconut water... It’s actually good because they make it a little spicy. But they have a lot of sea food here. Just this week we saw 5 cruise ships in port and tons of foreigners! It’s quite the cool experience to see lots of white people again!

Well this week we baptized the wife of George Sanders! Probably the biggest guy every. (I’m sure that he could give dad a run for his money.) But he actually baptized his wife and man was that a special experience.

Also, here in Belize because we are so far away from president and all that there are senior missionary couples here. And last night we had the privilege to have a Family Home Evening in their house with Efrian and his wife. Man that guy is amazing. He is actually a tour guy here in Belize for the people that come in on Cruise ships. He looks white and all that but he was born and raised here in Belize. But this guy is amazing. We just got to know his wife this week and she is just as amazing as him. The only problem is that she is going to Honduras for Christmas so we'll go a while without seeing her. =(

Really here in Belize it’s a new country. And you can say “duh”, but it was a shock for me. The people here are different and it was tough in the beginning but I’m getting more used to it.

But the great news is that we have a nice house. =)

I love this Christmas season. Really you don’t have to believe me but I have changed A LOT of how I see it. Before I know it was a lot about that but now it’s so different. Now that I know what to expect and what to feel, I love it even more. Life’s more simple without having to worry about presents etc.. I love my Savior. Really I have grown to know him and this season I want to give him the greatest gift of all. Myself. Christmas means a lot to me on the mission. I hope it means a lot for everyone out there. I encourage everyone to go on lds.org and see the new videos about Jesus and his birth. I love them a lot. The church worked hard on them.

Elder Sutton

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