Saturday, March 24, 2012

3 Baptisms This Last Week :)

Man so this is such a small world. I remember those people from Granger, UT, coming up to me and presenting themselves to me and then they took your email and phone number and all that jazz. I wasn't sure that they were actually going to give you a call or anything. But guess what? I'm still alive!!!! Good news, huh?

But man I need to just start off by saying Megan looks so beautiful. Her dress was really great too. I was a little skeptical when you said something about being a mermaid thing, but really I think it looked good. Now I just need to see the guy to make sure I approve of him. Right Megan? But I remember when I used to go on school dances. I never really was good at dancing but it was sure fun just going to hang out with them. Even though I learned the piano a little, dancing was never my strong suit. (haha)

1 – Did you receive your package from home? (If it hasn’t arrived – it may have been stolen because it’s been almost 3 weeks – sorry, it happens.)

Well actually YES, I finally got my package. The thing is that I just barely got it! It must have taken extra-long or something. Well I do love it so much. I was so excited to get some food too. Elder Smith (lives in my house with us) was so excited to see the hamburger helper. (Haha) we're true North Americans. But I loved all the letters too. I love just hearing from you all too - even Eric wrote me. Cool!!

2 – Do you actually have a release date and/or fly home date? (We know you don’t want to think about it now, but we won’t bug you if we just have a date…..maybe)

Haha - man I’d say that you are all BAGGY (trunky). But I really am not sure as of yet. What someone told me was around 1st of August is when I would be coming home but I’m not too sure. They don't really let us know officially. But the 28th of July isn't going to be my date because that’s still at the end of the transfer. So I’m thinking August is the end of the transfer. (haha)

3 – Were you able to find someone to fix your shoes or should we just send you a new pair? (What brand & size you need if that’s your choice?)

Well as of yet I haven't got any new shoes. I don't know this is my thinking - Whether my shoes can last me until the end or not. The only problem is both of the shoes I brought are in sorry condition. So I’m not sure. The Echos are what have lasted longer than the Rock Ports. But they were a little extra money.

4 – Do you and your comp end up going to multiple wards on Sunday or do you only have one you attend? (What’s your Sunday like?)

Well here in the city there is just one for us (the English branch) and one for the Spanish branch (elders Smith and Zepeda). But yeah we have our meeting at 9 o'clock.

Well this last week we had 3 baptisms – Levi Gillett (60s), Karl Frutos (30s) and Alisha Arana (9). They weren't in the same family though. But man they all are great people. Levi actually was listening to the missionaries in New York and came down here to be baptized because he really is Belizean. Karl is actually deaf and it has been a long process to try and teach him but he is amazing - very strong man. It’s very hard for deaf people here in Belize. Then Alisha was a little adopted girl from someone in the branch.

This week we have a wedding..... Talk about stressful. I've decided not to ever get married. This isn't even my wedding and I’m stressed out. NOW I know how Amanda and Mom felt during this whole process. The cake, the dress, the building, the decorations......... etc......... but it’s all good because after they get married they are going to be baptized - the Perez family (Ruth, Greg and their daughter Rosalie).

This week has been quite the week for us. We seem to be running around more than usual and not much is showing. Like we are working hard and not many results. But no use of getting mad. I have just decided that I’m learning how to work while being tired. (Haha) It’s a preparation for when I have a job right? But definitely this is the best thing ever. I'm staying busy.

Transfers are coming up next week. I'm not exactly sure what is going to happen. My companion has been here with me for a while. It wouldn't surprise me if he got transferred but I hope not. We are working hard here and baptizing. Who knows; that’s the fun about transfers. But I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be here in this area for a while. It wouldn't surprise me.

I love you all and I hope that you can all know how much I love you. How much I love my mission and how much I love the people that I'm serving. They will always have a place in my heart. You really grow to love them.

Love - Elder Sutton

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