Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Burr... It's Cold!

So my dear family! This week has been one giant crazy weather changing week. So I’m looking outside the window and I see clouds and rain and just a few days ago it was so hot that I could feel the sunburn. So I'm not sure if it’s like a tropical storm or what? But its definitely another day here in Belize! I have just decided one thing, I’m going to take the hottest shower possible when I get back because MAN ITS COLD HERE!... okay for me at least; I believe that I’m used to the heat already. I'm sure mom and dad will buy me some sweat shirts when I get back so I don't freeze.. haha

Well that was crazy about Tate Wood coming home? I really had no idea what was going on? I hope that he is okay still..

Well more interesting stuff that have happened this week... Well tomorrow are the elections here which should be a crazy party everywhere. I can't wait to experience it here. We have rules and stuff like that so don't worry - nothing is going to happen to us, we even can't go out tomorrow night just to be sure and not get hurt or anything. But like I told you, it’s going to be lots of fun. Maybe with that extra time that we'll have, we can write some letters to you all or SLEEP?!?! That would be amazing - huh?

1 – Tell us about your “special meeting” last week (ie. with whom, what subjects, etc.)

Well the meeting was with Elder Farabella from the area presidency here in Central America. ALL of the missionaries from the Cayo and Belize Districts were there and it was really great actually. We learned the importance of us having goals and completing our goals in life. If we don't have goals, we don't have dreams. But on the way back another Elder and I had to take the bus back because there weren't enough seats so that was a nice 3 hour bus ride in the dark.. (haha) But you know me - I love to travel.

2 – Have you received anything from the post office lately? (Anything you really liked?)

Well we just went today to the post office and still nothing..... I don't know. I think maybe the weather might have slowed it down. But I’m waiting patiently. I'm sure I’m going to love it all!!

3 – You never commented on your new “action figure” you got for your birthday – Amanda, Megan & I thought you’d get a laugh…..

Oh yes!! I actually have the action figure right by my head where I sleep. It’s pretty cool actually. I didn't even know that they made those kinds of things. But just so you know - the Elders in the house are pretty jealous; they want some too but I told them that only my family loves me. hahahah

4 – What was the strangest or coolest or most out of the ordinary thing you saw this week (living or non-living)?

Well some gross things that I’ve seen lately are road killed animals. Like an Iguana, also giant rats here. Man they are huge!!!! Like the size of a small cat! It’s quite interesting actually. Also there are tons of those little geckos like in Mexico too. But other than that I’m not remembering anything else.

So I remember that mom's birthday is coming up soon! I hope that your all going to throw a big party for her. I'll try and send some pictures for you because I know that is what you said you wanted.

Also the missionary couple (The Pattee's) are going home this next Monday, and they have already brought their replacements (The Orr's). They look really nice and they both served in Ukraine... didn't spell that right at all. ahah

But I love you all and I’m really glad that you wrote me this week!!!

Love your favorite missionary!

Elder Sutton

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