Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't Get Your Feet Wet

Good afternoon everyone!!! 

So here I am in Corozal with all the rain but as of yet I haven't gotten wet today because
we timed everything great so just when it stopped for a few minutes we ran to the Cyber.

It definitely looks like Dad is becoming quite the roofing professional over there in the big Brigham City!  If he decided to start a business I’m sure everyone will come over to him to get it done!  But all I know about roofing is that it’s a hot job and lots of stuff that can stick on you.  I remember watching "dirtiest Jobs" with Mike Roe and they tarred a roof.  I know that’s not the same thing that dad is doing, but it’s the same idea though.  Changing the roof on a house in the middle of summer (winter here) is definitely hard work!

I was honestly remembering all those birthdays because I had them put on the wall in my apartment, but this month has been a little crazy for me and my companion and I’m sorry if this is late or early.
So now Thomas is like 45 and TC and Allie are around there too right?  MAN someone needs to tell people to stop growing!!!  If one of those guys is taller than me when I get back I’m going to be UPSET!  hahah  I used to be the tallest...... =/

1 – Have you had hurricane weather lately?

Well there was supposed to be one around El Salvador this past week and man we could definitely feel it here in Belize.  I can just imagine how it was for the missionaries over there in El Salvador.  But here, just so you know, everything is wet and surprisingly cold!!!!  I haven't felt real cold in a long time! (not looking forward to snow)  But I had to do some push-ups in the morning to warm up before my cold shower.
P.S.  Just as a side note - my companion & I have started doing exercises more regularly this change and we're planning on doing them every single day!  Got to get looking good for when I go swimming... hahahah - joking.  But we really are doing exercises. haha

2 – Planning any sightseeing trips soon – maybe the ruins?

OK... so here is the deal.  We had a trip planned for TODAY to go to Lamani again BUT supposedly because of the weather we couldn't go.  Now Pres. says we have to go to places like that with an adult and the missionary couple said the roads would be too bad to do it. Better safe than sorry I guess. =/  But definitely in the weeks to come!

3 – There is some kind of test that missionaries sometimes take when they return from their foreign speaking missions that gives them foreign language college credit.  The test isn’t that much and I think is given at BYU – Would you be interested in having Amanda/Eric check the details for you?

I heard about that actually!  YES I would love to do that.  I don't honestly know how great my Spanish is but I do know that I can read and write fairly well and sometimes I correct the Spanish of my branch president here. hahah  But that would be great to get some extra credits in college! I think Sam (my roommate in college) did that with the French that he learned on his mission. I understood that he did fairly well actually...  That could be a lot of help though.

4 – How did the baptisms go last Saturday?

THEY WENT GREAT!!  So here is the thing.  Actually it was a pretty crazy day.  One of my old investigators from Belize City was going to be baptized the same Saturday but in the morning down there so she asked me to baptize her so we got up early and got everything done in my area for the baptism and then right after it was through, we ran up to my area and like we just got here in time for the one here. But in the end God had his hand in this and it all worked out smooth and I do believe that they had a great time with it all. =)

Well right now not too much is happening.  I got the changes on Sunday and my companion & I are going to stay together for the last change of my mission - which is good and bad.  Bad only because my companion is going to be in Orange Walk a LOOONNNG time but good because we can keep working really hard until the last minutes. Pretty much no one had changes on Sunday. But either way I would have worked hard no matter where they would have put me.

Well I love you all and I hope that you don't get your feet wet.  I'll try not to.

Elder Sutton

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