Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's GREAT in Belize!

Well my dearly beloved family and friends - how is life?

Life here is pretty good.  I really can't complain about anything in my life because it really is great being here in Belize!  So let me tell you a little bit about here in Belize.  They love to have holidays here and I’d say just about every month there is at least 2 holidays.  So it’s very common also for the schools to have half day and for work to have some too.  I think that if I could study somewhere all over again, I'd choose here because almost every week they have something going on and no school!  haha

Well as you can see I’m not writing on Tuesday...  I know it’s a little weird but this week we have a meeting (by satellite) with Elder Maines from the Presidency of the 70!  So we just smashed all of our day’s activities here in one day and we showed up here, and I’m assuming that we're going to be here for quite a while. 

Well this week was quite fun; sadly we don't have any crazy stories that I can remember but it is going to be my companions birthday in 2 days!  That’s pretty crazy!  He is finally turning 20 and will stop being a teenager.  He says that he is happy because I tease him all the time about his age.  But we all secretly know that we want to get younger and not older. =/  Like me - man I’m old.

Also you got my itinerary for my flight back and I hope that you study it well (all except the Spanish parts at the bottom, they just talk about the baggage weight) and so that when I get there, there will be people to pick me up and I won't end up being like the RM when he got home and no one was there!  That would be a crazy story....  On the other hand, you could leave me and I could try and get home.  It’s like a game.  How long does it take for Elder Sutton to get home with all his baggage???? ( hahah)  I’m guessing like 1 day.  I'd find a way. =)

Apart from that, things are going well in the work here.  We have 2 baptisms for this Saturday; they are sisters of a guy that just got baptized last month.  But the only problem was it was raining last Sunday and not many people came to church. =/  The sad part is that not many people here have cars so when it rains they get wet!  Like us! 

But that’s true.  My bicycle stories seem to never have an end!!  This week my bike was giving me troubles too, but after some time and a nice member who helped me fix everything. I think I’m just about an expert of bicycles now though.  I might just open up a bicycle shop in town and make a few bucks!!!!

Well family, things are going well and I hope that everyone is happy and working hard always! Because that’s definitely what I’m doing here in Orange Walk!!!

Have a great week!

Elder Sutton

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