Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Broken Bike - NO WAY!

Good afternoon family and friends! Hello from here in Belize!

So I’ve heard of that small out-break in chicken pox over in El Salvador and I heard that most are shut up in the house and are afraid of it becoming something big!  Good thing I don't have anything to worry about - 1. Because I got my vaccines and   2. I'm miles and miles away from El Salvador!  I wonder who the Elders were that all got sick?!  I hope it isn't anyone that I know.

Alright, speaking of Megan and having NO JOB.  I think she needs to do something to earn some money.  Or she can do like they do here and go from door to door and sell fruits and vegetables? Sound like fun Megan?  Or just put her to work in the house and specifically my room.  She could give it quite a good cleaning!!!!!!!! hahaha

So I asked my companion a little about Girl's State and all he could tell me was that it was for the really smart girls...  We're boys and our memories are about 3 seconds long.  I forgot what that was all about.  I want to say it has to do with girls and etiquette but I’m not sure.  All I know is that Megan is smart.  How were here grades this last year?  Is she smarter than me?  =( 

I think that the saddest part of the whole roofing project is that I'M NOT GOING TO BE THERE TO SEE IT!!!  I know that it is super-hot and sticky and fun, but sadly the house calls right?  Plus if dad is doing it then it’s going to look good!!!

1 – Now that the rain has started, are the temperatures still high or do you have a little relief from the heat?

Well so it has been raining a lot lately in Orange Walk.  But here is the best because it gets soooooo hot then rains and then right as you’re wet, it gets wayyyyy hot all over again so like it’s a giant hair dryer!  But right now I’m in Belize City for a Zone meeting and it’s soooo hot here. (Ha-ha) it’s like a pack of fun seasons here.  Yesterday we saw the clouds and heard the thunder; I looked at my companion and said that we have to RUN!!!  So we ran on our bikes and right as we got to the other house the rain and thunder and lightning crashed down on us..  (p.s. we weren’t hit by the lightening) but man we got wet!   But I swear that here the lightening is louder because the whole house shook!!!! haha

2 – Any p-day fun lately? (Loved the sugar cane factory photos)

Sadly this p-days we haven't done anything fun but I’ll tell you a funny story.  So on Sunday it started to rain and we had a lesson to go to and so my companion and I were going pretty fast on our bikes (p.s. I don't fall) and we come to this giant hill!  So usually when we go up this hill we get some speed but due to the weather we couldn't so we just had to muscle our way up it...  So as I stood up I'd pull up on the handle bars and push down with my legs hard to make it up, and right as I reached the top I broke off the left handle bar.  This thing is metal and strong stuff and I completely broke it off!!  The sad part is that now I ride around with only one-side handlebar and my other hand draped down at my side...  But to make the situation even better, I have decided to use my hand to say hi to everyone I see.  SO the moral of the story is that no matter how bad the situation seems you can always make it a “missionary moment”!   haha

Well I have to go now, but I hope that you have liked my stories and that you all have a great day!?!?!?

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