Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No Ruins & Random Weather

Family and Friends,

So I’ll start talking about the weather here in Belize.  So it’s so random here just so you all know.  One day it’s raining all day long and we're so wet and miserable then the next day its soooooo hot that you sweat all day.  They call it "winter" here but it really isn't.  For example, we got my companion's alarm clock that has a thermometer in it and we took it outside and I put it in the shade (not the sun because he "didn't want it to melt") and after like 10 minutes it read around 105 F and this was like 11 in the morning.  It just got hotter.  So I definitely I’m feeling your pain of the heat.  Then like last Wednesday, it rained almost every day.  It was cold that day (for me at least)

So Amanda is doing the whole astronomy thing too?  I know you all remembered when I took the Astronomy class at USU and I loved it.  Plus the teacher was cool!  He was like Ron's dad from Harry Potter. But it really is interesting to take that class and I really liked it.  So basically her school paid her to go out in the middle of nowhere and stay up late? Sounds like my kinda job?!  Get me signed up for the next one!

SOOO the news about the trek.  Apparently Elder Ingersoll's dad went on the trek last week or something and he said that it was great just that he wished he would have trained a little more before because it was a lot of walking!  So get your new shoes on and get used to all the walking!  I think that we could handle it though.  In these two years I’ve walked a lot.  Plus I walked for more than a year straight in El Salvador.  I'm getting ready for my marathon..  hahahaha

Well sadly we didn't go to the ruins this week.  We were supposed to but they are planning a better day supposedly, and then we are going to take some cool pictures.  I'll send you some.  But for now here are a few.
This week wasn't that crazy and eventful. This weekend we think that there are some People from the states that are coming down to help build a school or something and Saturday and Sunday they are going to be here in Orange Walk.  The cool thing is that they are all young adults like I am but I don't think I’ll know anyone.  Maybe..  You never know.  They also are going to have a dance here on Saturday, and NO I’m not going, (haha) with all the kids here.  If anything I’ll have some cool music to show you guys when I get home though.  They listen to some different music here.  They also have like a Spanish mix of music too.  I'll show it to you all when I get back so you can see but its definitely different then the stuff we listen to.

Well there is nothing too outrageous going on here though. I'm just getting fat..  I told you that before.  Sadly I don't do enough cardio like I did before with lacrosse.  But I know that I’ll get whipped into shape when I get back.  (hahahah)  Can you imagine me fat?  Hard huh?  But it’s true!!

Well I love you all and I wish you all the best!

Elder Sutton

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