Monday, December 20, 2010

December 13, 2010

Feliz Navidad! Honestamente no puedo creer que casi es la navidad.  Realmente el tiempo está corriendo como loco!!!   Haha-  well just a little Spanish to throw into you guys.  Really easy translating so you can have some fun with that.  (hahahaha)  Man we´re going to be talking on the phone in like two weeks.... It feels like I just got here!!!  Literally, the time is running away!  But yes, don´t worry, I got the most wonderful package from you guys ever.  I love the rice crispy treats with people´s comments on them.  :)  :)

Wowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!  Look at our house!!!  Where did our dungeon go?????  Like I totally can remember there being nothing down stairs and I didn´t recognize our basement for like 20 minutes!  I thought that you were in some other room or something!  Then with the huge television and the leather couches and all that..  Man!!   Why didn´t anyone tell me that we were rich?!?!?!   I would have bought tons of stuff growing up like an I phone!!!!   (hahaha)

 I miss petting dogs like it's my job!!!!!  It's a rule here that we can´t touch pets of any kind!!!!  But I'm going to confess that I have pet a dog before... :(   I´m a sinner....  But p.s. I love your pictures so much!!! One day I'll be back there with you guys.  :)

So you actually received my memory card????? Legit!!!  That's awesome.  I was hoping that it wouldn´t get stolen or anything like that.  I just sent it through regular mail..   My old companion was crazy; I'm not going to lie. 

1 – Are you calling home on Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve) or on Christmas Day?  Have you purchased your phone cards yet?

Well, I'm going to call you Christmas morning and I hope with my companion, Elder Winters, so then you can hear him too.  But yes, we´re talking to the members about finding the cheapest way to call - like buying phone cards or all that jazz.  Don´t worry, I'm figuring it all out.

2 – Where did you come up with your wacky, first companion?  We were just awed at him in his special music video…..(Josh Groban sing-a-long). It’s all fun!

Hahah - Elder Choc............. He really liked Josh Groban, but he had no idea what he was saying.... Definitely a......................... Special missionary.................... hahahahahahahah

3 – Have you bought anything for yourself for Christmas? (I put $100 in your account just in case you want a machete or something…. J)

Really??? So I can like buy something with the money?  Like maybe I'll buy some egg nog cause it's like $4 for a little.... I miss it.... =(  

HEY!!!! Remember to take pictures of the party and send me them. The Christmas parties.... =)

4 – Is there anything you want us to tell the family at the Wiggins’ Christmas party at the Peak this next Saturday? 

Tell them that... I miss them very much...  Everyone. Cheyenne, DeeDee,  The Harveys... all of them. Tell them that they all should have tons of fun for me and remember that with our family we can experience some of the best times in your life.  I know I have.

5 - How about the Suttons whom we will be hanging with on Sunday at their party?

Well maybe tell them that I miss them..  Tell grandma that I think about her too.  And I hope that she got my letter.  That I´m trying to have some fun too but that I'm working really hard to make everyone proud of the Sutton name. =)

Well I'm going to sign off so I can go and buy food for the week....  I just want to say how much of a deeper gratification I have for the Christmas season this year.  All the other years I guess I just took it for granted like just for the presents.  Now this year when I don´t have nearly as much (thankfully some, love you mom and others!!) I just realize that it's not about presents.  We hear that all the time but until you don´t have it, you don´t know. I love everyone of you guys..
Love you all friends, family... Megan, Amanda, mom and dad (even Maggie). 

Smile for me and remember to have some fun for your little brother in Central America. 
Don´t forget that I love you. really

Elder Sutton

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