Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Wasn´t that crazy talking over Christmas. I feel like it wasn´t even real. When I hung up I was just like "wow, I just talked to my family on the phone...." (hahaha) Then after, I was going to ask you more questions because I forgot to ask but decided against breaking the rules. I´m such a good kid huh... (hahahhahhahah) But yeah, talk about weird. I could just imagine all of you sitting at the table talking on the speaker phone. How weird. =P

Well the way you're telling me, it sounds like you didn´t do anything super fun for Christmas because I wasn´t there!!! I know that's a lie but thanks for the thought. =P Eventually something fun has to happen while I'm gone so you can´t hide it forever. I´m just teasing. But I really like the pictures that you sent me. I have the pictures from last year's party at the PEAK. Good times. It's weird to think that I'm going to be in El Salvador this WHOLE year! The mission kind of messes with your mind, but the good thing is that I'm going to stay super busy so supposedly it's going to go by fast.. =) But just for the record I loved all the presents that each of you gave me! I´ve played with/used them all!! It made my Christmas feel at least somewhat like it.. hahaha =)

1 - How did the baptism go on Christmas day?

Well now that is kind of a sad story. I had all my baptismal clothes at the church and all that jazz and the sisters showed up without the girl who was supposed to be baptized. They proceeded to say that she is in San Salvador in a hospital and super sick! So NO BAPTISM... sad day for us... but we´re hoping in January!! (if she gets feeling better) Pray for her.

2 - What did you end up eating for you special Christmas dinner/food?

Hopefully these pictures will all work but yeah we had the whole mission party thing called The Multizona Navideña. where everyone in our mission went to a huge stake center and ate. We all got some cool soccer jerseys for Christmas then at the end we went and watched movies that the missionaries had made for Christmas. It was super cool!! Then we had a dinner that a rich member made for us like the 23 or something... hahah Then on the 24 (aka their Christmas) we ate at a members house! =) So I'm all fat and happy from Christmas. (hahaha)

Well I'll tell you guys a cool story that just happened last night. Deal!

Well about like 10:20'ish last night my comp got off the phone and was in his bed praying and I was laying out in our cool hammock writing in my journal about all the stuff we did when all of a sudden I heard some weird scratching coming from in our room; I thought it was my comp just scratching himself (haha - we found out he might be allergic to something here and has all these spots that are super itchy on his body) when all of a sudden from out of our room comes this HUGE RAT!!! I sat there still in my hammock watching it. This thing was huge though! Not like our other one that we killed but huge! So I told my comp and the rat went and hid among the boxes in our back corner. We both decided - we´re not going to sleep with this thing alive so we started to take out the boxes really slowly so not to scare it. My comp had this huge shovel and when it bolted we almost killed it. It ran out and into our drain and was sitting in there. So we tried everything to get it out. We used my peanut butter, tried throwing things at it but no. So at this time it was way late so we decided to block it off and kill it tomorrow (Today) So we got these huge bricks and put them in both the entrance in our house and in the drain in the street... So this morning my comp checked and someone stole the brick from the street and it escaped!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone took a BRICK!!!! Man, everything here gets stolen!!!!! (hahha) That was the most resent and quite a long story but that is funny...

Well, it was awesome talking to you on the 25th and really I appreciate all that you all are for me. You all help me in a special unique way. Thank you.

Love Elder Sutton

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