Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

Goodness goodness goodness...... Where in the world did December go?????????? Like literally I remember getting your package at the beginning of December and thinking, "Man, christmas is forever away. I don´t need to even worry about it" and now it feels like I was transported to the week of it!!!!!!!!!! Flippin crazy if you ask me.. Well we have transfers tomorrow and here is the news with me.............
We officially don´t have changes. Both me and Elder Winters are going to be together for another change!! =) I´m pretty excited but at the same time kinda bumbed I didn´t get to a new area. But literally it's going to be great spending Christmas here in my area and then also his birthday and maybe my birthday. He kinda is feeling like my brother that I never had... (thanks alot parents =P) I hope he doesn´t mind being with me another change. hahaha. Plus we get to go to people´s houses on Christmas and Christmas eve and all that such. =)=)

OKAY, I´m going to explain the Christmas season here and what everyone does. =)
Alright so first off all they try and make everything all pretty by painting the trees in the side walk white.. It just turns out looking funny but they try. Some people have like one string of lights. Like the most lights that I´ve seen here is one string on someone´s banister of their house. hahah they would be blown away if they went to the states and saw ours..
Next they all party! Like that's what they do. Like in the states it's a little more reverent and all that. Here they have HUGE fireworks like every night and huge dances and all that. So like the 24th is when they do everything. Open presents. Party. you know the whole thing we do on Christmas back in the states... lol Well then Christmas is like the day that everyone rests. Me and my comp call it the day that they sleep off their hang overs.. hahahah But yeah basically it's a reason for them to party!! hahaha but it's all good. hopefully a member will feed us and we won´t have to be in our house all Christmas then go out and work..... =) but it's all good!!!! =)

OKAY. update with the temple here. they almost have finished the outside. Like they even put up the angel Moroni and all that stuff! One member here works on the site and showed us the pictures. It's so cool. He is in charge of all the electrical and all that stuff here. =)

Man it's crazy to think that christmas is this week. But I´m glad that I´m here and going to experience this. It´ll be all for the good. =) and Jayda??? What??? no one bothered to tell me that April was even that pregnant! But now we have someone else in our family. Cool! Someone should send me pictures of the party!

hahaha Megan on a date. That just sounds funny to me!!!!! Does she even have a facebook yet? Lol I remember her wanting one all the time but mom wouldn´t let her. It's crazy to think that she is going to be a Senior when I get back. hahaha

1 - Have you been enjoying the 12 Days of Christmas?  Anything stand out as being more fun?

But yeah we have been enjoying the 12 days of Christmas!!! Literally it's like the highlight of our night! My favorite so far is the coloring book... hahah I´ve already colored like three of them... lol I do it while my comp is calling his district so don´t get to worried. hahaha

2 - Details for our upcoming chat with our favorite son?

Well details... Um... I´m going to call in the morning on Christmas. I think that is like set in stone but I don´t know of anything else. There are still a lot of options and I´m going to go get everything in order so don´t worry too much. If there is anything you wanna talk about write it down so you don´t forget. haha I know mom is super organized so she might already be doing that. =P love ya mom... Besides that I think we´re good. I don´t really want a lot of people. hahah if anyone really wants to they can talk but yeah you know. =)

3 - Will you ask the mission president's wife to add us to facebook?  (Dixie said she actually posts things once in a while so I think that might be neat - even in Spanish)

Well I´ll try and ask her but I dunno if she will remember. Like I´ll talk to her when we all get together for the multi zone activity this week. It should be pretty sweet. =)

4 - Are you still on track for upcoming baptisms?

Well those baptisms fell.... =( =( like we don´t know what happened but they decided that they didn´t want to be baptized anymore... we think they talked with some other people about it but it's okay. The work still goes forward. We found a girl this week who had been taught by other missionaries before and almost was baptized but just didn´t feel ready. So we´re working with her to baptize her. =)

Well I can´t think of anything more to write you guys.... =( I know that I´ll remember something as soon as I send this letter but it's all good. =) There is always next week. Hahah remember I´ll be here for two years. =P hahaha 

Feliz Navidad a todos y espero que todos disfruten esta epoca a recordar nuestro Salvador y Redentor. Sin el somos nada en esta vida y después tambien. Un buena escritura a leer es Lucas capitulo 2. Sobre el nacimiento de Jesús. Que Dios les bendiga siempre y les guarde.

Elder Sutton

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  1. I still have pictures from Derek that he colored for me at camp kid. Haha! He sure does love coloring. :)