Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 7, 2010

Well hopefully you guys got my 3 pictures that I sent to you.

- The first photo is of us when we went to Elder Winters’ old area for a baptism. His bishop then went and got a turkey and the whole ordeal for the missionaries - that was my Thanksgiving!!! It actually wasn´t bad. (hahah) I still missed the real one, but my companion was really missing it. Every single year his family goes to the dunes and has Thanksgiving there with all his family and this was his first year not with them. He and his family are HUGE riders, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, etc. I tried to cheer him up. J

- The volcano of doom was the next photo! Man, I still feel tired from that trip and it was a week ago!!!! That was an experience that I’m not all that ready to do again. This next p-day we´re going to be chilling in our stake center playing ping pong and lacrosse and maybe get some food. (hahah) You should have seen us coming off that mountain. On the way back in this small village in the mountain there was a store, and we all went and cleaned the whole place out buying soda and chips and everything this guy had!!

- This photo is us in front of our house. We had to take a picture for the Christmas video that the zone is making. I thought it was funny so I sent it to ya’ll!!!!!

Well guess what??? We have a baby Christmas tree that my companion got from his ex-comp - it’s pretty legit. In our house we have a corner of Christmas stuff and lights. I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a lot better than other missionaries at least.

December 18 for Megan’s date? That should be fun!! Hopefully on that day we should have some baptisms! (cross your fingers) I remember the good old days of dating.... Sometimes I miss it and then at other times, I’m way happy I don´t have to deal with all that garbage!!!

Why haven´t you sent me a picture of Maggie in her new hair!! For all I know she is dead!!!!!! Man, I’m dreading one of these emails where you tell me that she is dead.. I think you should just lie to me and tell me she is forever alive and just buy me a new dog in her place! (hahahah - kidding kidding....)

OH, speaking of dead - my comp smashed a rat´s head in yesterday with a broom! Okay so here is the story. We have this giant whole in our house and two drains so that the water can leave when it’s raining. A rat came into our house through that whole.. My comp was on the phone when I saw it and so I was quiet and once he got off we got this ancient trap from inside our house and tried to set it up. It was too old to work so my comp decided to be Rambo and I gave him a broom, and he proceeded to chase after it with that broom until he finally trapped it in the corner and then proceeded to swing at it and making the funniest sounds I’ve ever heard. I can only compare them to like a ninja or something. I was laughing so hard. On my camera I have pictures but that’s at the house so another day you can see it.

Cut & Paste:

1 – Did you ever get cookies from your Grandma Carlene? (she sent something else off to you yesterday for Christmas but I said you hadn’t mentioned it…..?)

Nope... I haven´t received anything from Grandma Carlene yet. It’s probably in the mail as we speak. J But I’ll look forward to an awesome package from her sometime soon!!! HEY plus I sent you guys my memory card through the mail, let’s hope that it doesn´t get stolen!!! J J J

2 – Have you taught your companion how to use a lacrosse stick yet?

Of course I’ve taught him how to play! What kind of companion would I be if I hadn’t? (hahaha) He actually likes to play it so that’s even more of a bonus. One day we went out in the street and threw the ball. He wasn´t too good but the people were definitely watching us. J

3 – Are you getting to be a shoe shining fool?

Yeah I’m definitely a pro at shining my shoes. Man I almost do it every day because I want my shoes to last longer. I don´t want to have to go get new shoes for a while... because A. I don´t want to spend money on shoes and B. they aren´t all that great quality shoes here. (hahah) Oh but this week we tract into a guy who makes shoes. He was making them as we were talking to him. He had been doing it for like 50 years!!!! He definitely was pro at it.

So it must be true that Megan is starting to like basketball more than soccer right now. She must be doing good at it..
J I never was excellent at basketball so maybe all those genes went to her... THANKS ALOT PARENTS....... (hahahaha)

Well, we watched the Christmas devotional yesterday too. That kind of made me baggy (homesick), but it wasn´t terrible because it was in Spanish. I´m definitely improving because I understood a lot more than last time I watched conference. When it came time to sing the words were in English so my comp and I were the only ones singing; we sang loud!!

Well I just want to say that my family is the best.. Like I told you before my comp is what we call rich...... (haha) and he has always had all that he has wanted all his life and I just feel like I appreciate things a lot more than he does. I´m grateful for that!

So I’m throwing out ideas, but I might want to go out of state for college. Not too far but like maybe Arizona, California, or somewhere. I´m sure mom is opposed to that, but I just want to get a feel for real life out of flippin’ UTAH. (hahaha) Tell me what you think..

Love you all..
Elder Sutton

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  1. Your mom was lame and took a week and a half to post your letter :(