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Baptism This Week...

May 30, 2011

Man so everything is starting to wind down up in Utah I guess. With all the things going on like birthday parties, graduations and just plain everyone getting older. =( Sometimes I wish that you could just all go on a pause for another year. That’s kind of rude of you all to continue as usual without your favorite son slash cousin. =( Well I´m still super glad to hear that our family is keeping the lacrosse tradition alive in Brigham City! Dinsdale family! You guys are all awesome! Maybe I´ll bring you all something back from here when I get back - if you all behave yourselves. (hahahah) And for the rest of you, I don´t hear a ton from you so if you want me to get you something - you gotta do some better sucking up... hahahahh

Hahah Megan being cranky? NO WAY??????? I never could have imagined that in my entire life!?! =P But I´m not going to lie - when I started out in the MTC my first few weeks, I was kinda cranky because I had to sit in a classroom for hours with only one hour to play sports all day... =( But if you stay broken, Megan, then you won´t be able to beat your big brother so get healed super fast!!!!

I was actually thinking about Justin Bierer this morning; I don´t know what reminded me of him but I was wondering how he was doing. That’s awesome that he is going to stick this all out. He is going to be super ripped at the end of this boot camp! Even talking about that, I still haven´t heard from Kevin. Maybe he just got captured by some bad guys or something. Lol hope not.

Well if you think it’s raining there, I´ll show you what real rain is if you come here. Man when it rains it really rains with a purpose. It’s not like back in the states when it would drizzle or rain a little. Like in a split second it’s coming down in buckets and man do we get drenched. My comp especially loves to get in the rain. But still he hasn't gotten sick.. hahha =)

1 – I’ll be trying to get your next box together to send this week – are there any special requests???

Requests.... hum... hahaha great question.... I would really love some toothpaste or deodorant becasue it’s the end of the month and I’m poor but i don´t think it´d get here in time. hahah but maybe just some more chocolate chips.... or a candy bar. =D

2 – Do you have a person who washes your clothes in your new area or do you end up doing it?

We have a lady that washes both our garments and our clothes. In the rain I don´t know how well they will dry.... =( Right now I´m a little low on clean socks but I´ll manage. Don´t worry i´m not out of ideas yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 – Now that you’re in a bigger city, are there any stores/restaurants that we would recognize?

Haha actually in this city there aren't really any resteraunts or anything. One place called pollo campero. But its like a KFC but a little nicer in the inside and besides that pupuserias! We love to get those when we don´t have time to cook. hahah

4 – What fruit is in season and do you like it?

Fruits right now. MaraƱones or chacheus.. like the seeds in planters. (hahah - can´t spell that), mangoes are going crazy right now, we get tons every day! Well the oranges are almost ripe so I´ll be making lots of orange juice! =D Little fruits called talpas which are kinda sour but super good. That’s all I remember right now. haha

Dangit!!!!!!!!!! Denver lost in lacrosse! Who did they lose to?????? I wanted a west team to win for once... =( Now I´m rooting for Maryland because i think Virginia’s gunna win. hahah

But we had a baptism this week of Hermana Betty!!! She was super shy and man was that a challenge to teach her everything. She would lock herself inside her house so that we couldn't teach her... (hahah) but at the end it all worked out and she will be confirmed this week!!!!!! HAPPY DAY FOR THE MISSIONARIES!!!

This is the last week of the change so it´ll be interesting what all we´re going to do. Probably prepare for the next month so we can baptize 23394 people!!! I´ll make sure to send you pictures of that. =)

Well I´m off family. Love you all and hope you all are super happy like I am. A little tired but good!

Love Elder Sutton

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