Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Companion This Week?

Well today was actually quite the fun day just to let you all know. We played soccer but on a normal sized field! And yes, don´t worry, we beat them 5-1 and they only scored because our goalie decided he was bored so he left to go and change!

Also we got the changes already. Well drum roll please…. My comp is actually leaving me!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( He is going to Santa Ana and a guy named Elder Feliz is coming to be with me. He is from the Dominican Republic so that should be something awesome. Lots of comps from lots of parts of the world!

Well what else happened today or this week - Well something that was awesome was we worked really hard this week to help out our numbers of people in the church because last week it was like 93 or less and this week it was 113 so we did some good work there! But yeah I’m super tired now. I´m just about ready to go home and die.. haha

Well on Wed. I’m going to get my new comp just so you know and guess what? Elder Winters (my second comp) is in Belize now! Crazy how he is going to die over there now.... (hahah) Who knows if I’ll get the chance to go over there. hahahaha

1 - So how many new prospect do you see per week?

Well prospects? Like new investigators? Yeah, we are finding new ones, but for some reason a lot are drunks that say that they want to change their lives. Which is a fantastic thing if they would actually mean it.. =( But we talk to a lot of them and we have to see which really are going to progress and who really don´t want anything to do with us.. hahah

2 - How water tight is your new apartment in the heavy rains?

Well actually it’s good. Like it’s one of the better houses that I’ve been in actually and no rain leaks in that I know of! But we haven´t had a lot of rain recently. I don´t know why but it’s not raining like I thought it would be.... hahah

3 - Megan wants to know what color your favorite tie is?

My favorite colored tie...... I really like them all actually. I like black, you all know that I hope, but yeah green - I’ve been liking recently too. =D

4 - How’s your new companion?

Well Elder Fox is leaving and is super funny and we always are laughing about something and making jokes about something and my new comp I’ll have to start all over again with that - which is the bad part but it’s all good. That’s how the mission is huh?

5 -Did you see the picture of the Brigham City temple in last week’s e-mail?

I actually did see the temple and man does it look super cool! I can´t wait until it gets done like the one here. Next month people are going to start going in it! But the thing is that it’s going to be raining so I don´t know how that will go.......

6 - Who writes you letters still?

Letters???? hahah Well not a lot of people actually... like I’ve gotten some from grandma and stuff but not a lot from my friends or anything. I would be mad and all that but I figure that I’m just a boring person to write. hahahahahahaHAHAHA But that’s alright because my family still loves me! =D

Well another cool news is that a guy here named Herson Castro is going on a mini mission right now (for 6 weeks) and man is that guy AWESOME! He is an example to me. He is 21, cool, all the girls like him, and smart and he has been baptized for 6 months and is going on first a mini mission then a full time one. Can you imagine being in a church for 6 months and leaving for 2 years! This guy is really amazing.

Well like we also found some money in the street like in the beginning of this change and we decided that at the end (right now) of the change we were going to buy something and share it with some kids in our ward and the other elders. So we bought some cake with it and it was super awesome!

Well one missionary advice for this week.

A… Always write your experiences of the day in a journal or something amazing because if not, you will forget it. I´m 10 months in and I’ve got every single day written down in my journals!!!! =D

Well love to you all.

Elder Sutton

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