Monday, June 20, 2011

Rain+Mud=Shoe Trouble

Dear beloved family of mine.....

Well I did actually remember that it was father’s day! And sadly enough I didn’t get to call home and say happy father’s day like I did for mother’s day... Sorry dad, I guess maybe next year... (hahah) But at least you got to go fishing right? Did you get to go with your own boat or did you do the dock fishing?

Dang! Talk about running around like crazies for the summer games! It sounds a lot like my week here! But we did it all in the rain and mud. Officially my shoes are dying because of all the dirt/super mud. But just so you know, I’m using them well!!! Hahah They are my cars while I’m here on the mission. Hahah I think this is one of the first times I’ve actually destroyed a pair of shoes. Like before I’ve spent some shoes pretty well but now, they are dying!!!

hahahah Well don’t worry. At least I don’t have to walk around in the mud with just sandals like some people I see. But we are planning on baptizing some twins really soon - Hugo and Oscar. They are really awesome; they have been some of the coolest investigators that I have had here.

Well speaking of new haircuts, I actually got one this morning too! I got up early and studied then Elder Mendenhall (from Utah also) and I went and found a lady and cut our hair and then after decided to get breakfast of beans, eggs and fried platanos. It was a little pricy for my liking, all of that and a drink for like $1.30..... hahahah

1 – What is your new ward &/or bishop like?

Well my bishop is Bishop Morales. He is a really good guy and he is awesome..(haha) he likes to tell other people to do stuff! So he is a good boss in that aspect but he has 3 little girls all under the age of 6 and they are super cute and the wife is really nice to us too – she hasn’t given us food yet but we’re crossing our fingers this week because we’re getting low on the money.... like usual..... hahahahha

2 – Have you sent your picture memory card to us yet? (Your family wants to see what trouble you’re into….)

Well that’s the problem right now. We got our new mailing address here and the whole mail thing is messed up. Even in Atiquizaya it’s a little hard to send things out right now but I’m working on it. (hahah) I’m also putting them on my memory drive too.. BY THE WAY. that was the best idea ever sending me that huge memory!

3 – Are you using your boots since rain is probably your life right now?

I am actually using my boots! The only thing is that they are super insulated so I get hot in them but now that it’s raining harder I’m going to have to use them almost every other day. But I’ll keep you informed and all that, maybe if I get a cool fungus I’ll take pictures of it to send to you guys.

4 – Have any of the girls tried to get friendly with you lately? (Megan’s question)

HAHAHAHAHA! Great question... Okay well the first thing is that everyone here wants my eyes (Thanks mom and dad) SO that is a bonus, but no girls have directly come up to me and asked me to marry them yet…just jokes and stuff. But now that I can communicate with them it’s worse. Sometimes I give lessons and at the middle of the lesson I ask them a question and they like wake up! They were just like staring at me and thinking,,,, wow this white guy can speak Spanish and is talking to me!!!! (hahahahah) It’s kind of bad sometimes. That’s what I’m going to do. If no one wants me back home I’m going to come back here and find a wife. hahahahahah - sorry mom!

Well this week should be extra hard, especially with everything. We have people to teach; we just need people that want to progress! That’s the only thing... Pray for us always!

I love you all and I hope that everyone is happy because that is why we are here on this earth!

Elder Sutton

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