Monday, June 13, 2011

New Address!!!

Man it seems like tons are still happening! I’m super glad to hear that you guys are having tons of fun too with all your partying and all that stuff - you young kids do now a days! hahah

The good old summer games; I remember doing that whole fun stuff (or at least going to see all that stuff)! But supposedly Megan will get the green light! (hahah) I’ll be sure to say a special prayer about that so she can go and play!

Well so how is this batch of freshmen this year? Any new prospects? (haha) I bet none as good as the famous Elder Sutton.... hahahahahaha kidding!!!!!!!!!

Well speaking of the temple, people are going crazy here about the temple! Like everyone is preparing to go to the open house this July and man it’s an awesome temple! Supposedly we get to go there with our investigators and all of that but who knows!? I sure hope so. As you all know, we officially changed places slash mission homes and all that jazz which doesn’t mean a whole lot to me just that i have to change where everyone is sending their letters.... hahahahah

Okay the new address is this......

Misión El Salvador Santa Ana/Belize

Edificio de la Iglesia de Jesucristo SUD

Carretera a Candelaria de la Frontera y Autopista a

San Salvador, Frente a Col. Mendez, Ctn. Portezuelo

Apartado Postal #142

Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

Talk about a hard address huh? It’s kind of super long and complicated but I hope that you all understand and send me tons of letters to that address!!!!!!!

1- How’s your new companion?

Elder Feliz is awesome! He is super super super crazy kid but is a hard worker which is something awesome! Everyone loves talking to us because a white guy and a black guy aren’t something common here! But he is awesome!!!!!!!

2- Are your shoes holding out OK?

Hahah really they are dying.......hahah I’m working on saving some money to buy me some new ones because with this rain and with all walking - they are dying! But it’s all good; it’s something that comes along with the mission right!?

3- Do you know where the Dominican Republic is? We had to look it up.

It’s actually an island like not even part of the American continent, is what he told me.. haha I really am not so sure a lot about it. Just that they are all crazy like my comp is! He says that the church is really strong there like 200 members in just his ward!! So that’s kind of like ours back home.. Actually, I’m not sure anymore how many people we had in church..... okay give me a break! It’s been a year!!!! hahahahahah

4- Do you get warm showers now or are they still cold?

Well they are kind of cold, but it’s so hot here so it’s awesome! Here showers are just faucets in the wall and even my comp takes showers with a hose outside because it’s like gated (fenced) in and all that.. hahah It’s quite interesting.....but ya gotta love them! Especially because there are tons of cockroaches in the shower every day that we have killed so we take bathes with them.... okay another thing is these little baby ants here... They really are getting on my nerves and all that. They are so small but they are in everything!!! Like we have like the glade spray for the bathroom and that seems to kill them and what not but man they are pests!!!!!

5- What’s your favorite lesson to teach people?

My favorite lesson to teach would be either the first or the plan of salvation... The first lesson is like the test; if they listen and are attentive and all that then they are good to progress! It’s like the test of fire then the second (plan of salvation) because it’s something that everyone needs to know! What is the purpose of us here!? Was I sent here just to have fun and then when I die that’s it? I love teaching and luckily I am getting better every single day!

OH!!! Well also Elder Navarro who lives in the house with me and his comp Elder Mendenhall are pretty awesome too... Like Elder Navarro says that if I come back here I can stay with him in his house and then Elder Mendenhall is from Alpine, Utah, and man he is one built boy! He red shirted for BYU right before the mission and is a linebacker for them! hahaha

WELL MAKE SURE TO TELL EVERYONE THE NEW ADDRESS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay then after that I think I’m going to get out of here and look for new shoes and maybe a new camera... hahah - I don’t know. That’s how the mission is!

Well remember to always read the scriptures and ponder about them because there we find what we need to do to become saved.

Love “Elderly Suttonly”

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