Monday, June 27, 2011

Stranded with the Elders

Bueno, like you guys, it’s started the new season here too. Every day it rains, even though this year is a bad year for the rain, supposedly it’s not a lot - but man, i sure think so. It’s some rain that I’ve never seen before in Utah. It’s like people are dumping buckets out on us! But don´t worry, I’m using my shoes well!

But Amanda actually made it up to the Brigham part??? What is this world coming to??? (haha) I’m just joking, Amanda! But really, I’ll come home back and beat you up! But guess what? Tomorrow I have 11 months in the mission?! HOW FLIPPIN CRAZY!!!! Man I’m getting old and fast. But if anything my body feels like I have 3 years!

1 – How are the twin investigators coming along?

Well that’s the thing, the twins didn´t go to church yesterday so I’m a little bit worried about them. If only they could understand how important that is.. They are really some awesome guys and would be awesome priesthood holders... But I can´t force them. There is always hope and I’m not going to lose that. Sometimes hope is the only thing we have.

2 – Did the bishop’s wife ever end up inviting you for food?

Well actually I have all this time in this area, like more than 2 months, and I’ve never even been let into their house. STILL!! We put like times to go and visit them, but they never are there or they forget and stuff like that. We are supposed to be like the best friends with the bishop and all that but if he doesn’t want to we have to do it on our own.. (hahah) It’s not fun but that’s how it has to be... =/ But it’s alright, I’m still happy, or I try and be happy and overcome my tiredness. (hahahah - don’t worry guys - You know me)

3 – Can you see the North Star from El Salvador? (or what constellations can you see)

Well right now I can´t see any stars or anything, like the clouds are always there but I can see like Mars and Venus and stuff. My comp, elder Marin in Apaneca, would show them to me. But that was in the mountains and now I’m in like a half city kind of thingy. =P

4 – Are the mangos still in season? Do you have avocados and if so do you like them any more than before?

Well the thing is that the mangos all have fallen. =( But I did eat my fair share of them! I think they came out of my eyes! (hahaha) But yeah I like avocados; I eat them like i would mangos - raw with a little of salt. I kind of can´t be picky here or else i don´t eat. I still don´t like tomatoes though, BUT I eat them. (haahahah)

5 – Do they have movie theaters in your city or other larger cities down there?

Well actually the nearest movie theatre is like 2 hours away in bus - in the capital. (Hahah) There used to be one in Santa Ana but not anymore. Everyone just buys pirated movies and all that. So it’s kind of useless here. =P

Well, it’s the goodbye of President Lopez! This Tuesday he turns over all the keys (physically and spiritually) to President Cordon! Man, so we had like a little meeting with him on Friday to say goodbye and he actually started to cry?!?! Never ever thought that he would cry.. He is one of those tough, macho guys. But it’s what has to happen. I will miss him, but change is good. If anything I’m learning to adapt with changes and just do my best. Even he said at the he hasn´t done exactly the best he could but he tried really hard and was an awesome president. It will be different to adapt to the new guy but I’m willing to do it. =)

But about the rain - STORYTIME....

On Thursday, day, before the meeting with President Lopez, I went to some other elders’ area to help them out with some stuff and work with them (Elder Hale and Elder Melgar) and it was awesome; we had a blast! Then it started to rain... And man did it rain. Then this rain caused us to slow down and before we knew it the last bus to my area had left!!!! I was stuck with them.. So we decided what the heck let’s finish working then worry about it. So after all of that (during the downpour!!!) we decided, ok... we´re wet, tired and hungry. Why not go to a restaurant in his area and buy some huge pupusas called pupusas locas! But the problem was the rain; so we went to his house and dropped off all our valuables and took off our shoes and put on sandals, rolled our pants up and took off in the rain!! By the time we got there it was relentless, the rain! Like streams in the street.. But we ate the pupusas which were really good. On our way back we decided to play in the rain and passed by a pond with frogs and ran all around. By the time we got back we were cold, shivering, and full. So at that point we had to figure out - A. how were going to get to the meeting the next day BUT have new cloths.. and B. where we were going to sleep. We solved the A. part by getting up at 3:30 in the morning, and the B. part by sleeping on 2X4´s and using leahonas (magazines). Man that was the most uncomfortable night I’ve ever experienced!!!

But there is a fun day in the life of Elder Sutton!

HOPE YOU ENJOYED:…. that’s all folks!

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