Monday, August 1, 2011

My Friends Are Returning

Man!!! Everyone is coming home right now. Maybe you should have told them just to hang out a little longer in their missions until I got home! I can just imagine the huge party that they all are having right now. I can´t believe that EJ and Bryant and now Grayden are all home. But they didn't sound weird or anything when they were talking???? I feel like they just went out! I would have thought they had an accent, but I guess they haven´t learned their languages as well as I have!!!! JUST KIDDING!!!!! (Don´t go around saying that I said that.) Deal? But yeah I know Elder Hammond really well. He is an awesome missionary!

Grayden; man that kid. But NOOOO, I haven´t gotten anything from him in like 10 months. (Haha) For all I know he fell off the face of the earth!! But that’s really stinky about his surgery. You got to keep me informed how it all goes.

I actually knew that it’s grandma´s birthday tomorrow!?!?! Isn´t that awesome?! I´m getting better at birthdays now that I have my handy dandy guide that you gave me. (hahahah) But someone needs to go and tell her happy birthday for me and then for their anniversary!!! That really is something special that not a lot of people have accomplished - especially here. But


Well next year I might be able to be there. I sure hope so!!

Well I actually have my card now, and your letter! Haha - you guys are always looking after me. I really haven´t tried it yet. I´m going to try to use it when I go back down to buy some food. =) You guys help me out tons. I still haven´t received my package yet but maybe next week or something. =)

Well this week was super-fast but stressful and long. (hahh) Like we had references from people that went to the temple and our job was to call them and get direccions and if they wanted us to go and visit them. Some of them did want to visit and some didn´t. BUT on the 19 of August, President Eyring and maybe Christofferson are going to come here and talk to all of us as missionaries - like both of the missions! There are going to be TONS of missionaries. I hope there is enough space.

Well right now it’s raining cats and dogs; I think the winter is starting to actually pick up. It’s way better than sweating my brains out. Ask Bryant how hot it is here; I´m sure he´ll tell you how bad it is. Also, yesterday I went to a wedding and baptism of a few investigators and man was that something special. I always love to see how people are changing their lives for the good and how big of a change it is.

Don´t worry I’m not sick or anything. I´m really happy, apart from all the problems that happen. I just try and focus on the good. I challenge all the people that are having problems to go and just think about all of the good and forget the bad. No one likes a pessimist!

But for my hump day - I didn´t do anything.... hahaha… sadly it wasn´t a fun day.. =( It’s one of those stories that I’m going to tell you guys when I get home. (haha) But I’ll just shrug it off and keep on walking; I’m getting really good at walking by now. (hahah)

Well I love you all, and I’m going to go and buy food in the rain.

Read your scriptures.

Elder Sutton

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