Monday, August 8, 2011

Choir of Angels?

Man I think that I’m just missing out on all the cool stuff now. I think one thing that I’m missing besides my amazing family is Cafe Rio. We definitely need to go there in a year! But man, I missed all the Spanish party at grandma’s house too..... =( But the thing is - they are never going to complete 50 years ever again…. in my head I was there with you guys. So Happy Anniversary Grandparents!!!!!!

Well some cool stuff that happened this week.... we found out the best place to buy smoothies here because they are super delicious. Also we are going to baptize this Saturday if all goes along with the plans. Well also my comp saved my life this week; he knocked a bug off my back that if it peed on me I’d have to go to the hospital etc. so Is owe him my life!!!! (hahah)


The big news is like this, the president came up to me and asked me this week if I was willing to do something special for the mission. Like the 19th we´re going to go to San Salvador to have a meeting with President Eyring for the dedication... Well he came up and asked me if I had experience in choirs in all that stuff and I said yes.... THANK YOU MRS BIGLER AND MOM!!!! So then he assigned me to make up a special musical number to sing to him and the catch was that I have 1 more practice to practice it. This morning I went and choose anyone from our mission to sing for me. I was kind of strict and stuff but I needed their attention and all that.... BUT man that’s insane!! I´m making a choir to sing for President Eyring!!!!! So I have one more practice and I did the whole American Idol thing and had everyone try out and I listened to them and I used some techniques that Mrs. Bigler taught us and it’s going well. Just need your prayers so it all goes well and all that...

Well I have to go buy some food because it’s late and p-day is done at 5..

But I love you all and I hope that you all are taking pictures too!!!!!! Not just me.

But I got a package so tomorrow hopefully I’ll get a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!!!

Elder Sutton

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