Monday, August 29, 2011

County Fair Week :)

Man those were good old times going to the county fair.... I still vividly remember all the things that we did. How we made like crocodiles out of bread dough with Val and how the leather stuff I made etc. Then how happy we were when we got the money. But I remember looking at all the animals and the booths of free stuff. Good old times. I’m guessing there wasn't anything earth shattering there like a pig with 4 heads or anything but it was always a good time to be with ya'll....

I actually remembered it was Sarah & Grandpa Jode’s birthdays!! I was going to ask about them in this week’s letter, but I do believe that you have beaten me in that subject. If anything, I hope that they both had a Happy Birthday!!!!!!

There really isn’t much else that I can say. I feel bad but I’m really slacking in the letter department too. It’s just I’m always sooooo busy. Every single second that I have free, I find food or rest. I sure hope that not only Sarah but everyone that is waiting for letters doesn’t get mad at me....... If any of you have been on the mission - you will know. But shoot me back a letter and I’ll do my very best to send you one in return.... =)

Well speaking of elderly men. We contacted an old man and his wife and child who sell like food on the street the other day (or in their house). He is like in his 80’s too and he isn’t in such good shape. He has to sit down all day and barely eats. He actually fell in the shower the other day so we went there to give him some encouragement. But his wife is still running around crazy. She is always happy and always gives us a little bite to eat. Then they have a son, Manuel, who is 15! (haha - that’s quite the age difference huh?) But it just shows that we age really well in the United States. Or at least we take care of ourselves better - I’m not sure which...

Dad should go over to Fred’s house with an offering like cookies then ask him if he can help him again! (hahah) The cookies kind of soften him up a little. I mean if someone were to come up to me and give me some cookies and then ask me a favor I’d do it, especially because the cookies here aren’t as good as the ones in the states. (hahah) Here I’d rather eat pupusas.... hahah - so if someone were to bring me pupusas here and ask me a favor I’d have to say yes.. =P

But actually some members have been saying that there have been some hurricanes in the United States. Like last night we had a big storm and supposedly it was the tail of this same hurricane or something. We don’t get to know the weather here so we kind of wing it like in the olden days. Look outside and if there are clouds - we bring an umbrella... =P

Well this week was the winding down of the month; and I’m not going to lie, the zone didn’t do that fantastic. So now we’re in the phase where we pick ourselves up and dust off the bruises and keep on working. The thing is that the missionaries lack the motivation!!!! That’s something that I’m learning lots about in the mission. About what really motivates us - to do the good or the bad. How if we feel this motivation we’ll go to church and do the right things, but if we don’t have this same constant motivation we lose that sight... that vision… and fall behind.. It’s a constant struggle looking for that motivation here in the mission. (Not only the missionaries but the investigators.) Some might be their own family and the thought of being together forever. Others it’s the love God has for us... There are tons of reasons. WE just need to find ours and never let it go...

Well I love you all. I hope you loved my spiritual thought of the day.... hahahah

Elder Sutton (the most handsome missionary that you all know)

P.S. Jennifer, I love that book that you sent me about the powers of heaven.....

I’m reading it and going to read it again. (hahaha)

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