Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Love Smoothies!

August 12, 2011

Man let’s just say that this week has been the craziest week in a long time that I have had. Man I’ve just been plain running around in circles it feels like. BUT I GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!! I have successfully eaten all the food in it.. Okay funny story.

I saw all the stuff in it when I opened it up; I loved the book from Dr. Seuss and the T-shirt (i don’t know if it means something.....) and then the box of popcorn. In the end I was a little disappointed not to get a camera but after it all I was just super happy that you all loved me enough to send me a package. Then like 3 days after, I decided to make popcorn for some of my investigators so I opened it up and guess what?????? There wasn’t popcorn. (hahahahahahah – I’m dumb) hahahah But the elder that I was with just laughed, Elder Guirola, who is super awesome.

Man it sounds like Megan is always running around as crazy as I am. (Haha) With all the stuff she is doing, at least she is in madrigals. I loved that class so much. It’s funny; I don’t know if I’m changing my way of thinking or what’s happening but all the things I didn’t really like before the mission are changing. I think I’m just getting old and fat. Dangit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me sad....

Laney Peacock? Wow, I actually knew her pretty well. She and Jared M. used to be like a thing. That is super sad to hear........ I bet the whole family feels so terrible including the fiancé. We should pray for them this week.

1 – What is your new area like? (touristy, only one city or small towns too, branch or ward)

Well my new area is kind of touristy, not too much. It’s not too close to the beach but it’s really well developed. It’s a huge city, smaller than Santa Ana, but still there are big stores and a center and all of that.

2 – Are the mosquitoes biting and are you using repellent?

Actually i don’t have any problems with mosquitoes. I don’t know if it’s the season as of yet. It’s raining pretty hard but I’m relatively safe. =)

3 – Your new house/apartment with just the two of you or another companionship?

Well my house is pretty nice; it’s super dirty because the elders are nasty that live there. There are 4 of us all in total. But the thing that the president wants is for every companionship to have a house so there is more responsibility too. But HEY the area presidency or something approved us to send text messages here now! So I can start practicing again. (hahah - not really)

4 – What does Sonsonate mean in Spanish?

Well I don’t think that Sonsonate has anything to do with anything. Well I don’t think so. But it should mean “super-hot city”. I sweat out my weight every day. (hahah)

Well this week we baptized a girl, and she is super awesome. She loves the church and her dad is inactive so we’re hoping to activate him and then baptize the mom and all that. This Saturday and Sunday are the dedication for the temple here and the cultural activity so I’m planning on going to that. We have a baptism this Thursday (if all works out) of a single mom and her daughter who were so hard to teach just because of her knowledge of the bible. She was like a missionary of another church and all that jazz, but she received an answer and is going to be baptized.!!!!!!!!!!! Well we had our last practice today for the choir and it should all go well. I need your prayers always but it should be good for President Eyring.

I love you family and friends.

I hope that there are some friends out there too. (hahahah)

But thanks so much for the package because it saved my life. =P

Elder Sutton

P.s. I love smoothies. (hahahahahaha)

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