Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Hungry So It's Short & Sweet

Well I’m just going to say that I’m going to die because I’m so hot right now. I have to go and eat right now, but I’ll write your answers to your questions. But man I need to eat. It’s 4:00 and I haven’t eaten lunch or breakfast.

1 - We have been anxiously anticipating hearing about your musical performance for Pres. Eyring. HOW DID IT GO – Details!!!

Well that’s the thing, I thought that we sounded good. Better than some of the choirs that sang for the dedication and all that. But President didn´t say anything to me about how it went...... But I liked it and it sounded good to my ears.

2 - Were you able to watch the dedication?

We did actually see the 3 sessions and man, President Eyring did some cool stuff in them telling almost the future of the people here in El Salvador. But man that guy has something special about him. You can just feel the difference of the room when he comes in. But at the same time, he is a human like us. I can´t explain it; you just have to be there. (hahah)

3 - How did the baptism go last week?

They went super good. She even went to the dedication of the temple and she started to cry and said that there is no doubt in her mind that this is the true church. I don´t know - it was like a little boost in my week to show me that what I’m doing here matters.

4 – Are night time temperatures a little cooler and easier to sleep?

Man it’s like 85 in the morning and I’m not sure about the night but we all are sleeping with fans on, and the electricity bill is super high!!!!

5 – What fruit is in season? What is a typical meal for an El Salvadorian missionary?

Well I’m not too sure about the fruit but like a fruit called “lichas”. They are weird fruits and then coconuts and bananas. I´ll look into that this week. But every single night we eat the same thing with the members................ Tortillas....................... Beans..................... and eggs...................... I´m getting bored of them, but it’s food so I don´t say no..

But I love you all. I need to leave you with a short letter, but next week I promise to be better. =) Plus we played soccer in Santa Ana too!!!!!

Love you family!!

Elder Sutton - the attractive one of the family

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