Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Heat is ON!

Talk about some crazy heat here. Well the thing is apart from the humidity it is relatively the same temperature here in Belize like in the states. But as you know humidity really does affect the temperature and makes you sweat. The crazy thing is that back home when it got hot, I wouldn't go outside. Here I still do it. So I’m getting really sweaty all the time. It’s quite fun actually, that way I can keep the girls off of us... with my smell!!!! (haha - I’m so funny huh?)

President’s Day? That’s a little weird. Here they actually had elections or at least the primary elections. The major political parties here are the UDP (United Democratic Party) and the PUP (People's United Party) and the people here are to the extreme. There are people that will pay you like $100 just to wear a political shirt. And no, sadly no one offered me anything... But it’s a major holiday here too. No working for most people.

-When you have to travel, is it always by bike or do you ride the buses anymore?

Well basically we don't ever use buses. Here in the city is where everything happens. All the meetings happen here actually, so everyone takes buses to come here! (haha) BUT we actually get a meeting next week in Cayo with Pres. Farabella who is the Area President, if I’m not mistaken, but the coolest part is that it’s going to be only like 26 people in the meeting. Just us as missionaries!

-Did you get your hard drive fixed? And were you able to retrieve your pictures?

And yes! Due to the awesomeness of recovery software we did manage to get my pictures back and it is working well. I think that I still have like 40 gb left, but probably more. Sometimes I copy my pictures more than once on accident.

- Did you end up taking or leaving behind your lacrosse sticks when you got transferred to Belize?

OF COURSE NOT! I still have my lacrosse sticks with me here. And I play with myself a little here. There aren't many people here that know anything about it, but I sure am just playing around to have some fun. It’s actually a great sport if you didn't already know. (haha)

-Are there as many bugs in Belize as there were in El Salvador?

Well here there are lots of bugs and animals just different types - different ants and lizards and iguanas and more of those. I know that there were those in El Salvador but they just didn't walk about like they do here. But I feel like here it’s a lot more, up to date. Like the houses are a little better and where we live is nice or nicer at least. =P

And yes, I knew it is Emily’s birthday on the 22nd right? If I’m not mistaken. =) So
happy birthday Emily!!!!!!

This week was very fun and crammed packed with things to do. All the new missionaries came and we got them settled and now are in their areas working hard and no problems as of yet with the paper work here.

Even though the mission is hard, with people yelling at us at times, it has always been worth it. You never know what you really do have, until you don't have it. Or in other words, I’m learning to appreciate what I had back at home. I'm not perfect so don't expect me to come back home like that but I’m trying. This life is all about learning and progressing. I feel at least I’m doing that here being away from my family. I hope we all can see this as a growing experience too.

I'll try to smile even if my face hurts from smiling too much.

Elder Sutton

P.S. Here gas is like 10 dollars or 5 American dollars. It’s crazy. I sure hope that it doesn't raise there because I might never get a car because I can't afford the expenses. =( Walking and riding bike all my life.... sob.... hahah

Today we had something special to eat - Lasagna. Not the same as home but it still was really good!!! (hahah) Also, the other night we had hot dogs and it reminded me of home! That’s one of the things I want when I get home - to eat potato dogs and pigs in a blanket. All that... hahah. It was extra good.

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