Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Happy!

So I’m going to do some seriously crazy rambling today because as you know I’m writing early and no one has written me anything... Like I said before, I don't really blame you. I know it’s not always fun to write me emails and have new things come up but you know it’s all good. I'm still happy and healthy.

Entonces mi querida familia.... Que hay de nuevo?

So this week was definitely full of some serious sun. I don't know what it is about this place that makes it so hot, but man it’s cooking us alive! But as you know it’s only for a short time. In the night and in the morning is pretty nice but when the sun is in between those two times - wow its hot!

Well this week things went decent. I really can't complain. It seems that every time that something goes wrong there is something that comes up and something good happens. For example, there was this boy in my branch that was going to be baptized this week but the problem is his mother got kicked out of her house and now they are going to live so far away from the church that they almost won't ever be able to go. That was the bad… The good was that some really faithful members came up to us and said that they want their daughter to be baptized. So that's what I’m talking about. There is always something happy to look forward to. I don't care what is happening around us, there is always something good to look at. ALWAYS! So if anyone says there is nothing to be happy about I want them to call me and I’ll give them some reasons. (hahah)

Well also I have just decided how old I am. It seems that things are hitting that stage when they are starting to get worn out again. I actually just broke the zipper on my backpack last night, my shoes have holes in the soles, my pants are getting faded and I’M HAPPY! (haha) This is a once in a life time opportunity to live my life and not worry about anything but what I’m doing. Even my clothes don't bother me. I just know that they don't matter. Shoes are nice and cool but they get worn out and you have to get new ones. The mission is only once.

I really do love my time out here. Like I said it’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life but it definitely has meant the most. I know that my prayers and yours are being answered every day even if we can't see them directly. As Elder Holland said some prayers come now, others in a year from now and some don't come until we are with God again. But the key part is that they are being answered - we just need to put our faith forward and act!

I love you all, and feel free to write me some letters. =)

Elder Sutton

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