Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Golden Family

Well speaking of the package I haven't received anything as of yet, but I’m still checking the post office every once in a while. I'm assuming that it will come soon. Speaking of letters… I actually got 2 letters this week - one from you mom and the other from Holly! I loved reading them both! I hope you know how much they mean to me. Just hearing how you’re doing and how amazing my family really is.

So what all happened to Megan? From what I understand she just threw up in the middle of the game? Was she at least not out on the floor? But things like that happen and Megan, I’m sure, did it in the most dignified way possible. (Haha) But Dangit – SVL I have always not been happy with them. They tend to always be good at whatever they do...

But it seems like to me this is the year for all the missionaries to return right? Then with the crazy news that Keith is getting married!? I'm really happy for him and definitely wish him the best luck that I can. As for Grayden, he needs to still be around and single when I get back so that we can hang out. (haha) So Brother and Sister Roberts got back from their mission in Tennessee? I bet being in the office was something fun for them. In the office pass ALL the missionaries so they probably got acquainted with a few of them; I sure hope that they loved it as much as I am loving it.

I've been trying to keep in contact with Tyler Conrad also, and I have heard about his trip that he is going to do in Kuwait. I definitely think that’s awesome! Maybe when I get back I’ll go out with him! (haha) Think you could handle that mom? =P The only problem is that I’m not going to see him until his next break...

So you're having a Gospel Principles class with the missionaries? That sounds cool actually. I sure hope that the whole family is participating in these classes and that even Megan is doing some teaching! One day you’re going to need that! Mark my words!

So how often do you contact tourists in Belize? Do you only contact Belizeans?

Well actually we don't really talk with a lot of tourists out here. It’s very hard. If we contact a tourist the problem is that if they are interested, they always have a certain time here and then we have to get in contact with the missionaries from where they live and then the directions and sometimes they get lost.... It’s kind of a mess but definitely if they talk to us, we talk back. We actually got stopped on the street a few times and talked to some LDS people! I think that’s the coolest. But yeah we don't really go to that part of the town where there are lots of tourists - mostly where the houses are and the families live.

But we found this amazing family. The Garcia family... and no they don't speak Spanish.... hahah. They are going to be baptized the 11 of February and they are so positive you could call them “Golden”. They have the best questions and if they don't understand something they ask and I guess it’s the family that has been most prepared by the Lord that I have ever seen in my mission or even heard about for that matter. Sister Kim (the mom) is an amazing cook also.. =)

Do you still speak Spanish a lot?

Well not too much actually. I love to talk to my companion in Spanish to try and keep it up. I'm sure that our conversations would be soooo confusing if you heard them. There are like triggers when we talk. Like we start talking in English then like out of the blue, empezamos a hablar espanol y cuando llega otra tema we start again to speak in English. I really like that a lot because it makes that little Spanish switch in my head really easy to turn on and off. =)

Well I sure hope that everyone is doing as well as I am. Of course we’re all exhausted and tired and hungry but that’s part of life. If it was all just normal and happy - then we couldn't know happiness. Read in the Book of Mormon.. 2 Nephi 2: 22-27. =)

Remember that Elder Sutton loves all of you and loves to hear from you. I don't know if people have been receiving my letters because there aren't many responses.... But either way I’m working hard. I'm staying active and positive. It’s not easy. It’s worth it.

Elder Sutton

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