Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birthday "21"


Man I wish that there was more time during the day to be able to write you all the great things that are happening in my life. And of course the bad things but we don't mention them. But today I have just became older then dirt! How does that sound? Man 21 really is too old. I think it would just be a lot better if we just all went back one year and stay there... But I kind of got to sleep in. About 6:30. How does that all sound? (hahah)

OH YES!!! I did get my package and I waited until today in the morning to open it all up!! I couldn't have asked for anything more. I am super excited to read the book and to use my new scripture marker pencil. Everything is going great. I do believe that we're going to eat some ice cream in like 15 minutes but it’s some amazing ice cream made with real fruit. It’s almost as good as that ice cream that we used to make with raspberries…. but not quite. =P

Well let’s see what all happened this week... Wow it all went by like a lightning bolt. But we have planned the baptism of the Garcia Family. They actually will be baptized this Saturday and President Cordon is flying in on Thursday and will be present for the service so pray that everything will run smooth!

I actually had a funny thing happen. We were riding our bikes about 7 p.m. on like Thursday and as we turned a corner my comp sped ahead of me and then as I turned my bike chain fell off my bike and I think got caught in my wheel and which resulted of me being thrown off of my bike and sliding quite a distance.. So as I was lying there, I was taking check of my body making sure I wasn't dead, even the people were passing by saying to themselves "this guy can't even ride a bike correctly". So as I was lying there the only real thing that was hurt was my pride and that I was okay. Some real nice guy helped us out and now he is being taught by the missionaries in the Spanish branch. The only problem is that my pants got ripped and my leg got torn up... Sad day for me. But I’m really alright; it’s just like mom says "a battle wound".

Well, if I’m lucky, tonight I’m going to be invited to eat somewhere by some of the members and investigators that we have. I am pretty sure that the Garcia Family is going to invite us because they are always so nice. They even gave me a mini dictionary. They are awesome.

Well family I love you all very much. I know that Megan is being busy as well as you dad and mom. But remember that there is always time for 1 – God, 2 - Family and 3 - relaxing or I’m pretty sure that you’re going to explode.

I love being on my mission even though it’s very hard; it’s very worth it. I hope that you all realize that the mission is changing me. Little ways but it’s helping me - just as you all have done for me. And look!!! I've made it 21 years now! How about I try to make it a few more? (hahah)

Love you All!!
Elder Sutton

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