Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Single's Awareness Day :)

Well it’s actually Valentine’s Day huh? I wouldn't really have known if the stores wouldn't have been selling so many dang red hearts! But as you know one day this holiday will be good, but as of right now it’s another day... haha A time for me to love my family! Have an amazing Valentine's Day!!! But it sounds like to me that you need to work on the whole Valentine's Celebration back home......

Dang! Megan is going to the Prom? Man she must be quite the popular babe in the school, even multiple guys wanted to ask her? I still remember the good old days at the Prom. Have some fun with that thought! And take lots of pictures! Plus Megan is going to Girls’ State.

1 – How was the visit with Pres. Cordon? Did he tell you how wonderful you are (because he should have – hahaha)?

Well the awesome thing with Pres. Cordon was that we had interviews on Thursday so we went and picked him up from the airport and then talked on the way, dropped him off at the hotel and took him to the church and then spent like 2 hours talking to him about the mission and about the zone and everything. Sometimes here you feel like we are forgotten because they don't really communicate with us, but in reality it’s not like that. They do remember us. And yes my interview was really special with him. More than scold me about what we're doing, he talked a lot about how I’ve changed and what it was like to be a mission president. I really enjoyed those interviews.

2 – How are your bike-riding skills (dad’s question)? Did you mend your pants (mom’s question)?

Well my driving skills are getting better and my leg is all healed now. It was surprisingly quick but you know I’m just good... haha (that was a joke if you couldn't tell....) But as of then I haven't had any accidents or anything. The only problem is my dang chain! It keeps falling off so I’m going to take it to the guy to fix it. And not yet - my pants are still ripped. I just am going to fix them when I have a minute. That’s why it’s taking so long....

3 – Are transfers coming soon or do you pretty much remain in the city (which is good either way)? With only 20 or so chosen missionaries you probably all interact a little….????

Well transfers came and I’m staying here with my same comp! So nothing special this time. We are getting new missionaries in Corozal, Orange Walk, and San Pedro. So that’s going to be great getting a new batch.

4 – The TV show, the Bachelor, was actually filmed in Belize for this week’s episode… It showed some crazy amazing ruins that looked like in the middle of the jungle… We don’t think they were the ones you went to because they were really, really high. Are there ruins all over the country?

Well I have heard of that ruin actually. “ Tikal” if I’m not mistaken. But I went to “Lamani” which is really beautiful - if I do say so myself. It might not be the highest but it was really beautiful. The bachelor.. When I get back I think someone should sign me up to be on the Bachelor. (hahahaha) Then I’ll show them around Belize. Speaking of which, I feel pretty confident now of the city and where everything is.

Well let’s see all that happened this week... Well probably the best thing is that the Garcia Family was baptized!!!!!! After all the things that happened, they followed the Spirit and they were baptized. (Some people were telling them some ridiculous things about the church.) They are a really special family. After teaching them for like 3 weeks, the whole family was baptized. Just Taygron, the littlest, wasn't baptized. There is Dale, Kim, Joshua, Dale Jr., and Taygron. It was a great baptismal service and even Pres. Cordon came.

Well we are working hard and trying to keep some food in our stomachs. I'm happy and yes I do have all of my body parts with me still. I'm really thankful for going on my mission and every single day I learn something new. That’s the whole point of life. To keep on learning! Even though it’s hard, it’s worth it.

Elder Sutton

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