Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sugar Factory Tour

May 22, 2012

So I decided to talk a little bit about the week here in Belize and just try and tell some of the things that we did yesterday for p-day.  Normally not a lot happens on p-day for us as missionaries here in Belize, but we are in the works of going and making another trip to Lamani! The Mayan ruin! 

But we went yesterday to the sugar factory here in Orange Walk and did like an inside tour of all the cool things that they do!  I definitely have a greater appreciation of sugar now that I see it!  I’ll try and attach some pictures so that you can all see.  And yes we did have to go around in the nice hard hats and goggles. But from the beginning of the process starting with the sugar cane to the ending result it takes like 18 hours or more to do it.  I mean how hard could it be to take the sugar out of the cane.  Well let me tell you - it takes tons of electricity and tons of cane. We started off to where the huge trucks come in and they dump off the cane and then it gets smashed into little things like saw dust.  Then from there it goes and gets smashed some more and washed and then all over again (almost 5 times).  Then from there, the water that goes through it goes and is taken to steam and to boil and then to gets vacuumed.  One of the last stages that it goes through is it gets turned into little crystals that we know as our sugar. It takes lots of heat and pressure. Believe me; it was really hot in this part!  But at the end, this sugar gets sent to
the states and to Canada and even to England!  It was very cool but very dirty!

Well this week was really good.  I had an interview with President Cordon and I even got my temple recommend renewed!  Good to know I still have that one huh?  Well also we had district conference in Belize this week.  So basically stake conference but for here!  It was really good, but the only problem was on the way back home!  The bus decided to break down like 5 times on the way back!  Almost every time that the man slowed down he killed it!  In the end we made it home.  A little late but home either way.  =)

Not much else happened that I can think of.  It’s beginning to rain in my area. We're entering into the hurricane season!  It’s going to be intense!!!  But don't worry; the rain never slows us down!  We always are working hard!

I love you all and I hope you enjoy my short but sweet letter!

Elder Sutton

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