Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fruits of Our Labors

Yeah I remember exactly how that was those last weeks of school. The teachers don't want to give assignments because they know that no one will do them, and the kids just want to get out of there and play so it’s a tough time.  From what Amanda says the teachers want the break just as much as the students want it!

But just so you know, I was remembering that it was Scott's and Jeff's Birthday!!  But just so you know HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  I know it doesn't mean much from a computer screen but maybe in the future I can really tell you happy birthday and buy you something nice. 

Well it sounds like the world is running around just as crazy as we are.  Lacrosse is going great and also Megan is singing, plus Jared is coming home soon.  Just so you know I remember when we were in the MTC together and we would hang out at night!  Man time flies the older that you get huh?

Well this last week we had a baptism of Samuel Reyes.  It was actually quite unexpected but we pulled it off and all of them (including the family) were excited for it.  The only problem is the family now.  We're working hard with them so that they can also be baptized.  But it was really great!   Like usual not many people came out to the baptism (just the normal people) but I really feel that deep down we are helping.  It’s hard to see the huge results here.  The process of missionary work is a small seed that we are planting in the people that we teach and baptize and sadly we aren't usually around to enjoy the fruit that it brings to their lives and the lives of the people to come.  But just so that everyone knows it’s probably the most rewarding thing that I’ve done or on the top 3 of things I’ve ever done in my entire life.  Not because it’s nice all day and people come up to us and want to be taught, but because it’s hard work and I’m doing it to show God how much I appreciate the blessing that I have.  

It’s great getting wet though.  I bet not many people can say that they have gotten soaking wet in their church clothes like literally as if I would have jumped in a pool.  It happens quite frequently here. Hurricane season started!

I look skinny and brown? haha  I don't know about the skinny part but I definitely am more brown.  And like I said the last time I can see why Eric came home with a neck line.  I have a really bad one too - plus my arms.  We won't even go there. hahah

But I love it all. The mission, the people, the rain and everything. It’s hard. But it’s worth it.

Elder Sutton 

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