Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Moms

Well that was pretty amazing how Taco Time got thrown up so fast… Or was that was like a year ago - huh?  Well I don't know actually because the time is flying like it’s going out of style.  But I know that there are some people that are really excited  to see the building up and working again!  I definitely am excited for my crisp bean burritos!  Where else could I have gotten them? NOWHERE!

Well it sounds like this week was quite the week for everyone actually plus me too.  So before I start to answer the questions I have some awesome news!  WE RE-ARRANGED OUR HOUSE! So let me tell you a little something and this should explain why we did it.  SO, on Sunday after church & after a few stressful times there I laid down in my room and took a nap for a few minutes and when I woke up I was sweating.  When I looked at the thermometer & it was 101.8 in the room! Too hot for my liking so this Monday we decided to change up our rooms to the other side of the bathroom!  Plus we hung up my jazz shirt that Holly gave me on the wall! (because of the play offs...)  And now we have a workout room... minus all the equipment. hahaha

1 – What are your plans for calling home for Mother’s Day?  Sis Cordon said there were only phone calls this holiday, so we need to square up what day/time is best for you & us….  (We will all be home on Saturday evening if that works for you, but Amanda has to go back early Sunday.  Our church is from 11-2 Sunday, but we’re willing to accommodate you – our favorite son!!!!)

Well I told dad like 6:30 ish on Saturday will work for us?  What I’ll do is like try and buy some credit and hope that there is some sort of deal for us that day to call the United States.  I'll ask around.  Usually everyone here has some family in the states and they should know all the tricks and stuff.

2 – Are you planning on getting an international calling card like you did the first time? 

Well the thing here is that they really don't sell those.  You buy credit for your phone and then the company keeps a running total of how much you have on your cell phone.  So I’ll probably try that.  Like I said, I’m going to ask around to see what the best way to do it.   =) 

3 – Did you do anything for “Cinco de Mayo” or do they not celebrate that in Belize?

Well even though Belize has a huge influence from Mexico, they don't do anything for the 5 de mayo here.  But they definitely have a lot of holidays here.  I swear like every month they have 1 or 2.

4 – Are you interested in applying as an interpreter during the BC Temple open house?  (They said there is a need and especially for Spanish speaking.)

Well now that would be awesome!  I was sending dad some emails and I would love to do that because it’s pretty much a once in a lifetime experience to do that.  I don't know what I would have to do but if it all fails, I could just talk about the temple to them.  But would I have turns or something or would I help out all day or just half day? Which days would I go?  But how did you find out that they needed interpreters?  Did they like announce that in church?

5 – Have you actually eaten any of your treats?  The otter pops were Amanda’s idea (we didn’t even know if you have a freezer – hopefully).

Well yeah....  Actually I've eaten them all... haha  My companion and I were hungry!!!!.....  And yeah I love the Otter pops!  I just finished the caramel popcorn ball yesterday.  That was really good too. But that lasted a while.
And yes I’ve even used my new shoes!  They are really nice!  I feel all rich walking around in a new pair of shoes!   hahah

Well I’m really excited to talk to everyone this weekend!  It’ll be great and I hope that you all have some questions for me too.  I sure hope that I have the answers!...
But we got the changes also and my companion & I are staying together for another change here in Orange walk.  This is really good news because we have a lot of things still left to do in the area and a lot more people we need to find and teach.
I hope you all have a great week and a Great Mother’s Day to all the moms!!


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