Friday, May 18, 2012

We're Working Hard

May 15, 2012

I feel like I just talked to you all!?  But that was only like 3 days ago!   I assume that not a lot has happened since I last talked to everyone!  And sadly not a lot has happened that I didn't tell you so we'll see what comes out!  Actually I’m in Belize City again because we had a zone meeting with all the Missionaries here in this side of Belize and it was good.  We talked a lot about how to be better at what we do here.  Man we are working hard though - all the time.  But what keeps me going is that there are people waiting out there to hear what I have…  “The Gospel”

1.       Do you ever hear from your old companions?

I really don't hear much from my old companions.  I do hear from some, but I imagine that a lot have already started their lives and the only way I’m going to get them is through face book....  (hahah)  It seems like everyone has that crazy thing.

2.       Do you have clean, clear water to drink every day?

Yes if we go to the store, we can go and buy like bottles of water and all that jazz but the thing is that it’s easier to go and buy like bottle juices.  I need to stop doing that though.  I think those are a great contributor to me being fat!

3.       If you could start your mission over right now, would you do it?

Wow now that is a deep question.  I really have mixed feelings.  Part of me wants to do it all again right now.  Actually I really love it.  I don't have to work or study or anything like that.  I know EXACTLY what I need to do.  Well, not exactly how to do it but I know.  That really doesn't make sense but it’s so nice being told what to do and not have to worry about the cares of life.  Where am I going to work?   Where am I going to study?  What am I going to study?  Do I have enough money to study?... and the list goes on and on.....  But part of me wants go get things going in my life and make something of myself.  AHHH it’s quite the great struggle within myself.  I don't know actually.  I think if I could go see you for like a week then come back here for a few months that would be great... (hahaha) but sadly I can't do that at all.... =(  But don't get me wrong at all.  I love my mission and I owe so much to everyone that made this possible....

4.       What kind of dog would you get if you had a choice?

Well all my input is this...
1.  Not a yappy dog!!!!
2.  NOT a giant dog!!! 
And last
3.  I’M NOT COMING HOME UNTIL YOU HAVE ONE... =)  I love you all!

5.       What are the rings of Saturn composed of?

The rings of Saturn are generally comprised of frozen water particles that have been caught in the gravitational pull of the planet itself.  Sometimes there can be particles of rock that can be caused by the passing of asteroids. 
Did I sound like a text book there?  I loved my astronomy class by the way....  I still remember that guy who was from England!

Well actually we met some gringos (North Americans) yesterday on our p-day and they were here making prosthetic legs and arms for people here!  They were from Nevada and they have been members of the church for quite a time.  We invited them to Family Home Evening and they really are great people.  But every year they come down here and donate their time and money to help the people here that have lost their legs and hands.  They really are great people.

I love you all and I hope that everything is great!
Love Elder Sutton

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